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    P-Town Wheels? Worthy of NoBrow hipsters and P-Town himself?

    I was under the impression that P-Town Dave was just a made up character here on MTBqueeR until I met him, not once, but thrice. I was also under the impression that he was a maker of fine sausage (singular, not the wasted link variety), not a cobbler of fanciful wheelsets.

    So I put in my order this morning for a pair of P-Town Wheels attempting to drop the name of its maker to no avail, so I paid full e-price for these bad boyz.

    Here's what's being said all over the web within the one ad I was able to find on a lone webpage on all of the web in fixie pink writingways:

    The Rolf Prima P-Town wheelset is a lightweight, low spoke count wheelset designed with All Mountaining in mind. With 14 bladed spokes on the front and 16 on the rear, the pair weigh in at just 1640 grams. The 34mm polished silver, deep-section alloy rims feature a machined brake track.

    Built around the White Industries ENO hub, the wheelset is available with White’s eccentric hub which is ideal for converting your old All Mountain mountain bike bicycle into a singlespeed or fixed gear All Mountain mountain bike bicycle. The rear hub is available in 120mm or 130mm (the eccentric is only available in 130mm).

    The P-Town wheelset retails for $699 or $749 with the ENO Eccentric hub.

    They will never be available in 650b sizing.

    Here's what the critics are saying:

    "Yea, they look interesting, but there’s no way they’re getting any play on my bikes."

    "These look more like a fashion statement than anything for a pracitical more mountain mountain bike bicycle. What a [email protected]"

    "Will they fit my 650B?"

    "This Thread is a complete waste of time!"

    I don't know, sounds a bit All-Mountain.

    I fully expect to see P-Town Dave on a pair these for the Humdinger.

    P-Town Dave happily cobbling wheels and playing a fun game of match the shabby shoe in his environmentally sensitive workshop and living space:

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    Damn, my tan looks fine!

    Be afraid alright. With 4.1325% less rolling resistance that a 29er due to decreased metallurgic viscosity these wheels are my ticket to Humdingalation! Just in time too since my rear wheel looks like this:

    Apparently, I should have read this jackass' post (3rd one down) about taking another pedal stroke or two on the gap on bobsled: https://forums.mtbr.com/utah/3-22-bobsled-perfect-right-now-602629.html

    Unfortunately, not having ridden my bike more than a few times in the past 4 wks will put me at a strong disadvantage (for riding, not beer drinking). I plan on using visualization to hone my climbing skills during the next week. As I ride the Whistler lift again and again, I'll try to visualize what it would be like to pedal up each time. That coupled with beers on the GLC patio pretty much sums up my training plan. On the Humdingler there have been some areas my 744mm bars have been tight in, so we'll see how the 766mm waistline fits. . .

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    I'd be careful on the Bobsled. Rumor has it someone is piling garbage on the backside of some of the stunts for the unsuspecting consumer.

    Apparently the Bobsled has become Salt Lake's NYC Islamic 9/11 Memorial site charade.

    Sweet wheel BTW.

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