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    Oil Spill Related Closures on BST, Spill Pics

    Following is a note from the Bonneville Shoreline Committee:


    Red Butte Garden suffered no damage from the oil spill and none of the Gardenís construction activities contributed to the cause of the leak. The oil spill occurred outside the Garden fence just above the point where the Bonneville Shoreline Trail crosses Red Butte Creek. Chevron has two 10Ē diameter crude oil pipelines running beneath the Trail and it appears one pipeline ruptured in or above the fence surrounding the Rocky Mountain Power high-voltage pylons. Oil traveled on the surface and subsurface, entering the creek in two locations.

    Salt Lake City Fire Department and Hazardous Materials teams responded with absorbent pads and booms across the creek. Crews from Big-D Construction at the Museum and Garden staff operated tractors to excavate trenches and shuttle soil, building earth dams across the flow and successfully impounding oil flow by mid-morning. While Chevron had shut off flow in the pipelines at 8:00 am, the leak lies at the low point of a long run of pipeline between isolation valves (7 miles according to the newspaper), so flow continued under the weight of thousands of gallons of oil. In the afternoon, an oil tanker began suctioning oil from the nearby valves in the fenced compound between the Amphitheatre gates.

    Central Utah Water Conservancy District closed outflow gates at the dam upstream to reduce creek flow, allowing Salt Lake County crews to build a separation dam near the Gardenís concert bus parking area. The dam is structured so water escapes through pipes at the creek bottom while floating oil is contained on the surface and removed by suction and absorbent material. The dam wa completed and flow restored in the creek about 8:00 pm.

    Chevron will begin excavating the pipelines Sunday afternoon to initiate repairs. It is unknown how much, if any, pipeline will be replaced and whether repairs will affect the short segment of piping that lies within the Garden north of the creek in the lawn area beneath the concession tents. Contaminated soil will be removed, probably resulting in the loss of trees on the south side of Red Butte Creek. The Shoreline Trail is closed and will become the primary staging area for cleanup operations. Currently equipment, dumpsters and materials are scattered in the Gardenís maintenance access road and bus parking area, and that may continue to some extent during cleanup.

    Red Butte Creek is tragically altered and will bear marks of the spill for a long time. While the Garden escaped major damage from the spill, we have already seen oil-soiled birds returning to the creek and Garden ponds, so we may be dealing with avian rescue and impacts from the spill beyond the initial exigency.

    Following are photos from Saturday evening and Sunday morning, June 12-13, 2010.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Oil Spill Related Closures on BST, Spill Pics-image013.jpg  

    Oil Spill Related Closures on BST, Spill Pics-image014.jpg  

    Oil Spill Related Closures on BST, Spill Pics-image015.jpg  

    Oil Spill Related Closures on BST, Spill Pics-image016.jpg  

    Oil Spill Related Closures on BST, Spill Pics-image018.jpg  

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    Chumley's uncle works for Chevron and is part of that clean-up crew...so who knows how that will play out.
    The image that comes to mind is Grimmace trying to clean up a spilled McShake off the floor with a 4"x4" wetnap after a child's birthday party .
    Yay for big oil!

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    hes not working up theree any more. he back at the plant. other guys are doing it.
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    are those sham-wows? guess salt lake felt left out of the oil spill fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by midgetmafiosa
    are those sham-wows? guess salt lake felt left out of the oil spill fun.
    I think they are Sham-Wow seconds that were gifted to the state to clean up ice cream spills at all the Friday night hot date spots. Apparently it's the only thing keeping the Federal Government from declaring certain street corners Federal Disaster Areas.

    Those white sheets laying all over the place are original copies of the Bill of Rights and Constitution issued to the state when it joined the Union and were consequently set aside. Rumor has it a few of them are also original, handwritten Justin Beiber lyric sheets. But that's just a rumor.

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