off road century in St. george?-
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    off road century in St. george?

    my wife are trying to find somewhere warm to do a 100 miles on our anniversary early feb. Any way to link some stuff in st. geo or moab to accomplish this?

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    start anywhere in town and ride up the dirt road to broken mesa trail head. Ride the trail back down. thats 20 or so miles. (kinda guessing on distances). Ride back to the water tower, and then down the road, and get on the pioneer rim by the wendys. Ride across the pioneer rim to pioneer park. (15 mile??) Jump on turtle trail and take it to the highway that goes to Veyo. Paradise canyon starts right there and is pretty short. (5 miles?). Now head for the racecourse in green valley. Climb to the top and do the racecourse DH, Climb back to the top and do the barrell ride, take a different way to the top and drop off garbage hill. (20 more miles). Now head up stuki springs trail. A little way up stuki springs trail branch off and ride the barrell roll loop, and then return to stuki springs and continue on the climb to the spring. Now do the DH down the stuki and down the Bear claw poppy to the road. (10 miles). Climb back up the Poppy using whatever trail you did not just come down so you don't ride anything twice. Down the dirt road to the racecourse parking lot again probably another (10 miles). By my guessing thats about 80 miles, you could ride back to paradise, and do turtle and the pioneer in the oppsite direction to get back to your car. I am just guessing on distances but I bet that will be close to 100. I would make sure you have lights because the days are short in Feb, and alot of this riding is pretty technical and there would be lots of climbing. I would be really suprised if anyone outside of locals Dave Harris and Lynda could do it in less then 12 hours. I would like to give it a shot sometime too. Maybe the beginnings of a St george off season endurance race.
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