NPS did it - Day use permits now required on White Rim-
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    NPS did it - Day use permits now required on White Rim

    There you go. Bureaucrats know no bounds.

    Beginning 9/1/15, you will need a permit to ride (or motorcycle, or jeep) on the White Rim or Elephant Hill.

    Of course, you can't even get a permit until 24 hours beforehand, and you have to have web access. So how in hell is this going to work? Do you log in at 00:01 the day before? What if you are camping? Drive to town at midnight and try to find internet access or risk not going?

    So now, let's say you are a family of four with a pickup and four bikes. You aren't riding the whole White Rim, you just want to drive out, have a nice day out there, have the kids ride a few miles along the way with you. Do you need five permits or two or one?

    Even worse is the motorcycle restriction. No more than three riders per "group". WTF? So if they see four motorcycles that look like they are riding together they are going to bust everyone? What if the oh-so-legal three riders are pulled off at an overlook and another group arrives at the same overlook?

    There is a story in the Moab Times about the change, but I can't find an update on the website.

    Moab Times-Independent - NPS to require day use permits for vehicles bicycles on Elephant Hill White Rim trails

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    I agree with the decision not the implementation. That place can get crowded fast. There is nothing like getting buzzed, dusted and exhausted by 10 groups of 10 motorcycles in one day. If you really want to go, plan ahead and get a multi-day permit 4 months in advance.

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    Yosemite put a restriction on motorcycle groups years ago. The guys on sport bikes were pissing off just about everyone. (The Goldwing, etc crowd were fine but now they get screwed.) Regulations are usually in response to bad behavior or limit crowds, like the permits required to climb Half Dome or enter some wilderness areas or The Wave.

    I've never liked biking White Rim. We've jeeped the Potash end a couple of times and getting a permit online would be easy for us. Thanks for the heads up!

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