It is National Trails Day this Saturday, and for people in the Park City area, Mountain Trails Foundation is doing work on a new trail in RV that connects Rademan Ridge to the Old Ranch TH (details here: Calendar)

Saturday, June 2nd:
8:00-8:30am: Meet at the Old Ranch Road trailhead
8:30-9am: Safety talk & hike to work site
9am-12pm: Trail Work
12:30pm: Pizza & refreshments at Red Rock!

Here is what MSU Alum posted in another thread regarding this trail:

Mountain Trails is building a directional downhill trail about one and a half mile in length, running from the top of Rademan Ridge at the Rambler/Tin Man intersection down to Old Ranch Road trailhead. "It will provide a really nice loop option when you provide it with Happy Gilmore and Tin Man to get back up," said Rick Fournier, Mountain Trails Foundation field manager. "We've already started on that and will have that done in the next 3 to 4 weeks." He said the trail will be intermediate in difficulty, starting with flowing switchbacks through groves of mahogany and around flagstone-coated banked turns that drop down into a long, undulating stretch across the drainage's west face. "It's going to probably be one of the most fun trails you'll see in Round Valley," Fournier said. "We're really excited about it."