My tires ok for out there in UT?-
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    My tires ok for out there in UT?

    I have IRC Seracs mounted up right now., do they do well in the southwest of UT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by minkhiller
    I have IRC Seracs mounted up right now., do they do well in the southwest of UT?
    I don't have any experience with Seracs, but my favorites for the So. Utah desert are WTB 2.5 Weirwold (front) with a Geax 2.3 Sturdy (rear), and Kenda 2.3 Blue Groove (front) and 2.3 Nevegal. All these tires are also available in a 2.1, but if your frame and fork allow I'd recommend running the larger volumes.

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    My experience.

    The conditions here are usually dry with hardpack, rock and slickrock predominating. There is sand on some rides and some areas have a fairly thick layer of cake flour like dust. I run WTB Nanoraptor 2.1's for all around riding and racing on my Blur, Motoraptor 2.4's for fun riding on my Moment.

    I use Mutanoraptor 2.4's if I need a little more speed than the Motoraptors on the big hit bike. Mainly, I use Mutano's for the 24 hours of Moab. They are a fast tire for the mix of sand and rock Mutanoraptors wouldn't be a bad all arounder if you're planning on doing the prime local rides Crash and I wrote about on the other Utah thread you started.

    The one thing that doesn't work well is a tire with big, squirmy knobs because they usually don't have much to bite into. I haven't tried Seracs, but they look OK. My wife and daughter ride Mythos XC tires, because that's what they started on and they don't like change. They seem to work pretty well, too.

    Hope you have a fun trip.
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    Thanks for the info on the 2.4" MutanoRaptor.

    Was planning to run one on the front while down there for a FFTF & Moab road trip and was wondering if it was to light to stand up to the rocks.

    Have a 2.24" MutanoRaptor for the rear and figured that would be okay as it is a heavier build than the 2.4" version.

    (Nothing like bringing back an old thread from the archives...)

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    And as a follow up, I stayed with the Seracs and they hooked up great. They will be mounted up for the return trip this September.

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