• 08-06-2010
    MTB SL County Corporate Games
    So, my company participates in the corporate games every year, and this year, we've decided to give the mountain biking event a shot. Since I'm one of few women that ride, I've volunteered to ride.

    The race takes place at Wheeler Farm. I had no idea there was mountain biking at Wheeler Farm....who knew??

    Anyway - Has anyone raced in this event before? I've heard that the course is really short double track with no real elevation change.

    I know there are cyclocross races as Wheeler Farm.

    Has anyone ever participated in this event before? Do they set up the course like a cyclocross race? or is it just a fast pedal on the flat double track?
  • 08-07-2010
    I've raced it many times.

    Its flat fast racing on mostly the cyclocross course. Its kinda fun.

    If you have nothing else to do on a weeknight, and your company is paying for entry, then why not.

    The corporate games organizers do a pretty poor job running the race (compared to an intermountain cup race), but they do the best they can, considering their zero knowledge of mountain biking.
  • 08-09-2010
    This is my first year also. I have several friends who have done it many times and they say it is fast and flat. I am borrowing a HT for it :D . See you all there! Should be fun.
  • 08-11-2010
    Chris C.
    I rode it a few years ago. Relatively flat and fast, but route was poorly marked in places. Biggest problem was the goat heads. I went out a few nights before the race to pre-run the course and double flatted within the first 1/2 mile. I ended up running flat protector strips and slime tubes for the race. Unfortunately my tires picked up so many of the thorns during the race that I had to throw them away after. It was still a good time though.
  • 08-11-2010
    Almost forgot about thorns. I used to get the company to shell out for slime tubes for the whole team. Then with stans, it wasn't as necessary.

    Preriding can be done before race, since its about 10 minute laps.

    Also got the company to pay for pizza, which was the best part.
  • 08-12-2010
    Thanks for the info! I'm not a racer at all, but that was pretty fun.

    The course was more fun than I expected, except for the stupid sand pit (although I was able to pass someone in the sand - guess all the running I've been doing paid off). :)

    From what everyone said, I was afraid of flatting, but didn't see any thorns. Whew. :)