Mountain Biking/Backpacking - Month of May (4 Corners)-
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    Mountain Biking/Backpacking - Month of May (4 Corners)

    I am looking for travel companion(s) as my original partners bailed on me. I will be in the southern Utah/Colorado/Arizona region from May 4th-End of May. Schedule is fairly loose and I am very flexible with activities/budgets.

    I have a few people I am meeting up with from the 4th-11th with only mountain biking in the Zion/Moab region on the itinerary, others are welcome to join. After the 11th I am wide open, possible activities on my list thus far.
    Fruita, CO mountain Biking
    Any other mountain biking...
    The Maze, backpacking
    Various Climbing, anywhere (been a few years on this so don't expect any multi-pitch climbs)
    The Trans-Zion, backpacking
    Bryce, Backpacking
    Grand Canyon, Overnighter

    I am really flexible with anything and will have the gear with me for most activities. FYI I am from the East Coast, and have an East Coast sense of humor. After going to the University of Utah I realized that sarcasm is a lost art out west, but alive an well back east....I have a blog that I keep for my travels that may give you a gauge of my humor, and my lack of grammar and spelling skills, and I don't proof read.


    If you want to hook up for a few days, or more, let me know!

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    Sarcasm is lost out west?

    I would love to join you, but my whirlwind adventure is this month. Sounds like you are a good candidate for bikepacking.... check out it may change your life. If in the four corners area consider the valley of the gods. I have yet to explore myself, but something is drawing me to it. I plan to spend some time there next fall. Have fun, sounds like a $hitty trip..... ( sarcasm hahahahah )

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    I'll be leaving Alberta (just spent a year in the Rockies -from New Zealand originally) about May 4 & traveling south to this general area (I've got three months to get down to San Diego & then back up the coast to Vancouver & then back to Canmore, AB). Probably by mid-May we'll (traveling with non-riding family) be around Grand Junction/Moab & then look to go down towards the Four Corner area. I plan on riding four or so mornings a week, sightsee/hike a bit in the afternoons. Our paths may cross & we might be able to get a ride(s) in together. If you go back to last summer in the archive, you can see what sort of riding I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phlavorman
    The Maze, backpacking
    If want to go to the Maze, make sure you get a backcountry permit. Also, unless you plan to drive all the way in, in one day, backpack, then drive all the way out another day, you need to reserve a campsite, which might be very difficult/impossible by now.

    Also, make sure you are prepared with a capable vehicle and that you are self reliant.

    Of course, I always forget that some troopers will backpack all the way from the Ranger station, if so, ignore much of my post.

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