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    Mount Pleasant

    I am considering a job in Mount Pleasant, Utah. It's quite preliminary, but I would like to get some lowdown on the area. I understand it is very small (~2,500 people) and it is about 100 miles south of Salt Lake City.

    What can you tell me about the area? Good mtb and snowboarding? Is it totally Mormon? I realize it is small, but is it small and cool (like Driggs, ID), or small and dead?

    Any info would be great.



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    edit: which isn't to say that's a bad thing; I've got a bunch of Mo's I consider my friends; I could just see it being really hard to live in a community where you've got no one outside that faith to hang out with if you're not...

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    A long way from everything!

    Mount Pleasant is 90 miles from Salt Lake City. You'd travel some state highways down Spanish Fork Canyon to I-15 to get to SLC from there. The closest ski/snowboard resort would probably be Sundance, in Provo Canyon. And yes, it is totally Mormon there...but we're not bad people...we hardly bite at all!
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    I live there!!

    Well not really,. I actually live in Fairview which is 6 miles north of MP. I went to high school in MP. It is awesome here. There is Fairview Canyon which has miles of trails and lakes and the whole bit. Mount Pleasant has a canyon that has some awesome dirt jumps. I really love it hear. I moved from SLC to hear about 6 yrs ago and thought it would be hell. It turened out to be awesome. I would suggest it and yes it is EXTREMELY mormon. Im not. But I mean you really don't realize it. The people can be quite wierd to you though if they think your not religous or mormon for that matter. There is a prep school in MP that has students from all over the world there and most of them are proboly not mormon. Feel free to email if you have any questions. I can go into more detail.
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