Moab Trip 11/23-11/26

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  • 11-13-2008
    Moab Trip 11/23-11/26
    I'm planning a little trip to Moab from the 23rd to the 26th.

    Will anyone else be there hitting up the classics?

    I'll be camping if the weather is tolerable and riding Porcupine and Slickrock, maybe some others. . .

    If you will be there hit me up!!
  • 11-19-2008
    Fancy Hat
    I'm heading down from Portland to Phoenix that week and was thinking of stopping for a day (likely Tuesday 11/25) of riding, but I haven't made any final plans yet. I'd probably get in Monday night and leave early Wednesday morning. I hope to camp, but might sleep in the car somewhere.

    I'm an experienced rider and I'm hoping for a pretty big ride (at least 4 hours ride time). I'll have both a front suspension 29er and a rigid 29er SS (hoping to ride the SS). I have ridden in Moab a couple times, but not in at least 5 years. It'd be great to have someone to ride with, because big solo rides in unfamiliar areas is a little sketchy.

    What trails are you thinking of other than Porcupine and Slickrock? I want lots of single track, minimal jeep road, and as little pavement as possible (none would be ideal). It'd be fun to get off the beaten path and ride a trail that is less popular.

  • 11-24-2008
    Hey sorry I didn't get back to you, but I'm not going to make the trip after all - couldn't find anyone to make the drive. Hope you have fun if you go.