Moab Road Trip in June -3 Roasted kiwis?-
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    Moab Road Trip in June -3 Roasted kiwis?

    Hello fellow forum readers.

    A couple of fellow Kiwis and I are coming over your way early june for 7 days.
    The plan at this stage is ride Vegas (boulder city), Goseberry Mesa, Moab (Porc Rim, Slickrock, charlift....any other must rides?)

    Can anyone give me a steer as to:
    1) best times to ride (are early mornings a must this time of the year)
    2) what do you think of these trail options, we are technical xc types, who dont mind the odd hill climb or two.


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    Don't pass up Gooseberry!

    I rode this a few weeks ago for the first time and had a blast. It's pretty technical and you usually can't see more than 20-30' in front of you where the trail is headed. There's singletrack, slickrock and some really fun technical stuff. There's not much elevation but you still have to have some bursts of energy to get through some sections. Go to www. for more about this one.

    BTW-some friends of mine did the Soverign Trail in Moab last week and said it was a must do.

    Have fun,

    Here's a pic of us at the top of the mesa...

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    I just got back from Moab last week. We rode a new ride called Sovereign Single Track. It is a very nice loop with not too many climbs and diverse terrain. Flat Pass and Porcipine Rim are also another very nice rides but not loops and require a second vehicle or a road ride back to the car.

    I lived in Wellington for three years and had fun riding in Makara Park.


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    Wow, long way to go for mountain biking!

    My favorite rides in Moab are Porcupine Rim and Sovereign Trail. Porcupine Rim is a blast--it's one of the most fun downhills in existence. Sovereign Trail is a new trail north of Moab that's a great singletrack. It's technical enough to keep you honest but not scary technical. I'd also do Slickrock. Honestly, it's not my favorite trail, but it's hard for y'all to travel thousands of miles to Moab and NOT do Slickrock. Amasa Back is a nice short ride too, but there are quite a few Jeeps which can be mildly annoying. The utahmountainbiking website mentioned above is a great resource.

    As for weather--it depends. Recently, the weather in Utah has been mild (70 to 80F down in Moab). However, temperatures nearing 100F are not unheard of in June. Your best bet is to check the weather and play it by ear. A good website is the National Weather Service ( If the temperatures are below 85, you can bike any time. If they are hotter, then you should start early @ 8AM, bring LOTS of water, and try to finish around noon-ish. Everything is exposed to the sun--there is no respite.

    One more thing--although it might stretch your itinerary, I'd recommend considering Fruita as well. It's about 2hrs east of Moab in Colorado, and it has great technical singletrack similar to the Sovereign Trail. I've never been to Boulder City nor have I heard much about it, so I can't give any comparison. I've heard lots of great things about Gooseberry Mesa, but most of the people that I've known who have gone there have only spent a day, maybe two. I dunno if there's that much more in that area.

    Anyway, have fun. Be sure to give us a report!

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    Gooseberry is an absolute must

    Try to rent a car/suv with high ground clearance though. The dirt road out to the trailhead can be pretty rough. If it rains forget about getting out without 4wd.

    If you do get a four wheel drive, pass up the main parking at gooseberry (wood fence around the lot) and keep driving down the "trail" for about a mile and a half (it's a jeep trail). You end up right smack in the middle of the "penninsula" and you can venture off into the heat and return to the base camp pretty easily. The real fun stuff doesn't start until you get a couple miles in anyway.

    If it is crazy hot, you might want to seriously consider cruising up to SLC for some alpine riding. It's only about three hours past St. George, but it's about 30 degrees cooler up in the hills. The riding is not as technical, but the singletrack is world class. We're talking 6000 feet 24 mile singletrack downhills and some of the best lift served riding you've ever seen.

    I would suggest a giant triangle. Take off from Vegas. You hit St. George in Two hours. Arrange a shuttle with the Red Rock Bike shop for the Hurricane Rim downhill in the afternoon. Head out to Gooseberry break of dawn (about 40 minutes from St. George). Ride till the heat makes you quit, then head north. Stop at the Can Kun mexican restaurant in Beaver, really good tostadas and tacos.

    You hit Salt Lake before sundown, sample some of the watery american beer, and nap. Sleep in the next day, shuttle up to the crest trail about noon, and have a good old time (one of the five best trails in the country).

    Next day, hit one of the resorts for some downhill action, or try mueller park for a really nice hill climb. Optional North Shore style descent adds to the fun.

    That evening, or the next day, drive to Moab (3.5 hours). Spend as much time as you can stand at Slickrock (gonna be really freaking hot) Shuttle Porcupine rim the next day.

    That should leave a day to explore a couple trails at Fruita (amazing riding out there), and then have a leisurely trip back to Vegas.

    Total driving would be a bit over a thousand miles, but no single stretch over 300 miles. I've done most of those sections in sweaty bike shorts without many side effects.

    If you do make it all the way up, give me a hollar. My wife and I love playing tour guide.

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    FRUITA! it is a bit cooler and has EPIC Singletrack.

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    Wink Roasted and loving it!

    Hey guys, just got back in this week and have a smile at least 2 feet long!

    We pretty much stayed to the plan, LV to St George - met with a great guy Mark from and he showed us some spectacular trails in St G (prospector and church hills) I can recommend these as a nice warm up run. The next day we did the JEM and spent 4 hours in Goseberry!! Stinking hot, but the most fun I have ever had with my clothes on!

    After that we then headed to the holy land moab and spent 3 days riding: Slickrock, Soverign, Kokopelli, Porcupine, and Klondyke Bluffs (dinosaur foot prints are crazy!) All these trails were awesome and the locals reckon it was the best taster we could come up with in the small amount of time we had available. BTW if you are looking for a wild ride have a chat to the guys in slickrock cycles about the 'whole enchalada' it starts at the snow line and then takes in kokopelli and porcupine trail! 2.5kms of vertical descent is alright by me.

    On the way home we took in Goseberry one more time, after that onto boulder city, this is where things went pair shaped! One of the roasted kiwis took a spill and broke both of his wrists, xrays almost show more breaks than bone! The guys in boulder city hospital were awesome and made the best of a crap situation. Anyhow, we are back in NZ now and I am sure he will be back on the bike in no time.

    Thanks for all your trail suggestions guys we will be back.


    PS If you guys are ever in this part of the world dont hestitate to give me an email on [email protected] and I would be more than happy share or maybe even show some of our best trails.

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