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    Listen! Moab Road Trip Help !

    Some of my friends and I want to plan a trip to MOAB for some slickrock riding.
    Looking for some help regarding places to stay, where to eat and most important where to ride. This would be our first time riding MOAB; coming from So Cal this place looks outstanding. We plan on taking this trip during June right after school gets out. So I am hoping that it won’t be very hot. Any help would be nice…
    Thank You
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    my $.03

    Well, having pulled the Moab/Fruita trips several times during my college years as either a beginning or end of summer trip, I know where you are coming from. Being your first time in Moab I think it's a good move to hit slickrock once, Porcupine Rim is an absolute must do, then depending on your time, there are a ton of other great rides in the area. Amasa Back, Sovereign Singletrack, Gold Bar Rim, etc are all outstanding rides. Best bet is probably to check with one of the shops for recommendations. It will be pretty damn hot in June but I can't see it being much worse that you would see in SoCal. Probably will reach mid 90's but could be cooler or much hotter. Just make sure to start the days early, bring plenty of water and use your head.

    As far as places to stay go I'd have to recommend camping somewhere, either along the river or right near Slickrock on Sand Flats Road are probably the most popular and easiest to find spots. There are a bunch of hotels as well if you would rather go that route. A word of warning for camping, don't plan on sleeping in very late, unless you find some good shade you'll be baked out of a tent by 7am. One of the best things about Moab is that there is no shortage of great restaurants. Ton's of good Mexican (Miguel's Baja Grill and Fiesta Mexicana are my favs), Pasta Jay's is my favorite pizza in town, and plenty of good brewpub type places.

    One way or another you'll have a blast. Depending on how much time you have in Moab I'd plan 2-3 must do rides and just fill in the blanks after that. Don't overplan as it's nearly impossible to keep on a good solid schedule in Moab. Oh, and make sure you pull a trip to Arches while you're there, incredible views and a hike to Delicate Arch for sunset can't be beat!
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    I 've done 3 moab trips and I'll be back every year. If you want to stay outside of town and still have some amenaties theres a place north of town that has cabins (more like glorified tool sheds but nice) it's called Arches or The Arches, They have camping as well. If you go the motel rout stay away from super 8, they don't allow bikes in the rooms and although the bike rack is right next to the office someone damaged our lock trying to pick it. Trails; Porcupines my favorite then Amasa back but take the little fireroade turn off on the left on the way back down if you like technical riding. Didn't care for poison Spider except for the cliffside singletrack going back to the road. Slickrock didn't do much for me. The La Sal mountains are supposed to have some great rides but when we went we chose one of the other ones called Batchelor Pass; hardest climb I've done and even in late August there were some deep snow drifts and tons of deadfall making it tough going. We had some weaker riders and it took forever to complete. If you like terain parks theres a place called Bartlets wash thats like a giant skate park. Best place I've eaten in town is Eddie Mcstiffs ( I know but the foods good) have fun.

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    Yup, Real Hot

    Definitely these guys are right about the weather. It will be hot and it gets pretty windy sometimes. This combined with 2% humidity and relentless sun (there's no protective smog layer =) makes for some parched throats. It's not a bad idea for some of the longer rides to fill a camelback and take a bottle or two on your bike.

    Some of the best rides I have done in Moab started at 5am, wrapping up by 8 or 9. This may not be your cup of tea, but staying out of the sun will be key. Enjoy! It's unlike any other kind of riding you will ever do.

    Off topic: Tires. The slickrock is like sidewalk... leave the huge knobs and square profile tires at home. You will likely be happier with something rounded with lots of smaller knobs.There is a lot of sand, too. You will be cleaning red dirt out of everything you own for the next 2 months and remembering your epic trip. It's Heaven! =)

    If you are in LA I can look around and see if I still have my trail maps, you can borrow them.

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    One absolutely cool place to stay is Red Valle Homes ... they basically rent out trailer-homes for between 100- to 200-ish a night. If you put the right amount of people in these things this comes in as cheap as 20/night per person ... full amenaites, showers, a/c, kitchen, hot tub, hoses for bike washing, two blocks from main & 100 so you're walking everywhere in town in the evenings.

    Just google on them to find a phone number, person to talk to is Brenda.

    Rides to do ... definitely Porc Rim, either Slickrock or Bartlett Wash, I've read that Amasa Back has been "destroyed" in that has lost most of the technical/ interesting nature for the section from the creek crossing up to the top but YMMV; Behind the Rocks can be fun, depends on sand conditions.

    Take plenty of water and, like they said, be smart about it ... with the low humidity it's too easy to dehydrate so be smart and have a fab time.

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