the rain

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  • 03-24-2009
    Earthpig the rain
    Heading to Moab tomorrow, with a plan to ride Thursday - Saturday. Forecast for Thursday looks to possibly be wet (50 - 60% chance of rain.)

    In my 4 trips to Moab, I've been able to ride in the sun (or at least in dry) every time. But, for this trip, any advice on what trail is the best to ride if it rains? I'm thinking Slickrock, but does it become really "slick" in the wet? ( I've seen photos of Sovereign in the rain and it wasn't pretty!!)

    Anywhere else, or should I bag riding Moab in the rain?
  • 03-24-2009
    Well..... looks like you have a 40-50% chance it doesn't rain. Slick rock is just that in the rain. Kind of depends on where you're coming if you should take the chance or not.