Moab: Navajo Rocks vs Klondike Bluffs Vs. Mag 7-
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    Moab: Navajo Rocks vs Klondike Bluffs Vs. Mag 7

    Heading up to Moab (Canyonlands actually) to do the White Rim trail with some friends. Prior to embarking, I have one day in Moab for a shreddy. I have ridden Amasa Back/Captain Ahab, Porcupine Rim, and Some parts of the Mag 7 area (Bull Run). If you were to choose from the 3 areas listed in the title, which would you go with? I enjoy all aspects of riding, technical terrain to stretches of buffed out cross country. Any and all suggestions welcomed!

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    If you have only ridden parts of Mag 7, you have a lot of riding in the Bull Run area yet to do. I'd continue to explore that area. Very close to that is Navajo Rocks, as you've noted, and be combined. Also a good place to check out.
    Not on your list is the Klondike Bluffs area which has a lot of riding and Sovereign.
    Here's a handy site with a good list of rides and descriptions:
    Moab Area Trails
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    If youl like a bit of tech go finish Mag7 via the portal. We rode it yesterday and then hit Navajo Rocks under our lights.
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    Mag 7 is one of my favorite all time rides. Navojo is cool, you can have the klondike bluff stuff
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    Mag 7 FTW!!!
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    they're all good in their own special way

    If you can stand the drive in, one of my favorite loops is parking/starting at the bottom of Little Canyon trail off Gemini bridges road. Pedal up Little Canyon to Great Escape, up Getaway. Then descend Bull Run, Arths, and little Canyon back to the car...could be just as fast to pedal the out and back on Gemini bridges road from 191 if your looking to add some extra milage, roughly a 2 hour loop...If you haven't done MAG 7 proper(Blue dot to Portal exit...which is the best part) you gotta do that.

    I really like the Coney Island descent in the Navajo Rocks loop riding counter clockwise from 313 down.

    We did a big adventure ride linking the Monitor and Merrimac area to Navajo Rocks loop and back. See pic below. Would strongly suggest to study Google Earth before attempting this ride as there is a lot of sand, but it can easily be avoided if you know how to link the slickrock together. The ride came out to be roughly 34 miles and about 6 hours with stopping for lunch, taking a few photos, and making a day of it. Plenty of spots to play around on slickrock.

    Moab: Navajo Rocks vs Klondike Bluffs Vs. Mag 7-navapop.jpg
    Moab: Navajo Rocks vs Klondike Bluffs Vs. Mag 7-20170311_104853.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by k2rider1964 View Post
    Mag 7 FTW!!!
    Mag 7 to Portal. If I only had one day in Moab, Klondike and Navajo would be very low on my list of trails to ride.

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    Since I hate driving/shuttling, I'd say the Klondike/N. Klondike/Sovereign area. You can link up a ton of variations, there's everything from relatively mellow XC to relatively gnar (but not dangerous gnar), and it doesn't require any difficult logistics or a shuttle.

    The downside is that there are so many intersections and trails that unless you either have a plan or a local guide, you can get frustrated looking at maps and signs. Great trails, though, and lots of them.

    I guess the views from the Klondike area in general are subpar for Moab, too. Still spectacular, but not as good as many other places in the area just due to the lack of massive elevation gain/loss to overlook stuff.


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