Moab in mid June ? Thoughts-
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    Moab in mid June ? Thoughts

    Is Moab OK to ride mid June? Not too hot? Better place to go at that time? Coming from East coast.Thanks for suggestions.

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    Hot, dry, but you can ride early in the day and/or ride at higher elevations, such as Navajo Rocks. Figure out how much water you'll need, then double it.

    As to "Better place to go at that time? " that depends on what kind of riding you are interested in. If you want desert riding and slickrock, there probably isn't.
    If you want more of a buff singletrack experience and cooler weather, it's pretty hard to beat Park City Utah.

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    Mid-June is pretty much full on summer heat but OK to ride early and try to be finished up by 11 AM. At least rain is not usually an issue. Of course, there are more options to ride in the La Sals given reduced snow amounts. Trails won't be as crowded either.

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    It isn't that bad. Consider the benefits.

    1) It is a dry heat so perspiration dries quickly.

    2) When you get back to the trailhead you can quickly cook lunch on the slick rock.

    3) There are no mosquitoes!

    4) The trails are empty because most riders don't want to be baked at probably 115F from reflected heat from the rocks.

    5) Campgrounds are empty (for some reason) :-)

    6) Sitting inside the Moab Brewery all afternoon to recover is a nice experience.

    Other than that, get off the trails by 11:00 AM.

    By the end of May I've migrated to Lake Tahoe but I've rode Moab in June.
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    I unthinkingly scheduled my annual fall Moab trip for early September last year, which where I'm from IS fall, but it happened to be a late heat wave for moab and so we ended up doing a lot of what was advised here. We rode up in the La Sals and Abajos during the day (Moonlight Meadows to Ho chi Min to Shuman Gulch one day, Hells Canyon from the backside, TWE one day, and Robertson Pasture to Shay Ridge in the Abajos one day) with some forays into the desert in the early morning hours (Up Portal to Gold Bar ST OAB) and later evening (Dave's, Mag 7 with lights at the end).

    Good stuff. In away I'm kinda glad I got to do these other trails. Usually it's too cold or snowy to do the high stuff.
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    bring a lot of water
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    Don't do it. Its too goddamn hot in June. If you must travel at that time I'd head to Crested Butte and Durango CO.
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    We did the White Rim trail last year on like June 10th and it reached 103 degrees at the peak of the day. I was wearing a long sleeve white shirt, a white bandana under my helmet, tons of sunscreen, and we had a truck to support us with water. I decided on that trip that I would never do it again in such heat... But you could wake up early and ride, but it gets hot quick. Moab is the King of Spring and Fall riding

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    I've done mid-June rides in Moab (2013). Like everyone else stated, get off the trails (long) before 11am. We started our rides before 5am each day and finished before 9am. Definitely a different scene. When we rode Porc rim we bailed at the cut off to Sand Flats road. It had gotten too hot and we were skeptical of our water supply--fortunately, Milts is at the bottom of Sand Flats rd and we drowned our sorrows in burgers and malts. :-D

    Night rides are great that time of year too-Klondike Bluffs and Pipedream are two of my fav's.

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