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    moab logistics

    Greetings Y'all,

    My name is Aaron Mattix. I work at bike shop in Springdale, AR. We are looking to put together a trip to Moab this fall. I'm sure finding great riding won't be a problem - the biggest challenge appears to be working out all the loose ends of places to stay/eat, shuttle services, etc. Do you guys have any hot leads on folks who provide such services, or websites where I could research this further?

    Thanks for your time,

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    Whenever we go to moab, we just camp...cuz it's a whole lot cheaper, and it's not that bad out there. You can find campsites all around moab. I think we paid 5 bucks a night. We just sleep under the stars. All shops down there do shuttles. try (i don't know if that one is right) We liked slickrock cycles. Nice, hard workers and stuff. But all of the shops are way good. Make sure you do Porcupine Rim!!!! Best trail! Better than slickrock!

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    We usually just drive down and find a place to camp along the colorado river. There's plenty of other places to camp aswell like up around the slickrock bike trail. I agree you should do porcupine rim before slickrock. They're both pretty good xc trails, but porcupine has more variety (drops, slickrock, sand, dirt, singletrack, fireroad) and more downhill .
    There's some public showers behind poison spider bike shop. And be ON the trails very early in the morning if you're going this time of year.

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    This is a great resource for Moab - Definitely check out the calendar of events. You *do not* want to be in Moab during a 4WD rally!
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    i've been in moab for 4whl rallys. no biggie. there are ALOT of trails to ride.

    i don't think any planning is really required for a moab trip except lay out a loose schedule of rides you want to do. you can pretty much wing it 100% if you're camping, which i think is the best option. i personally would skip the whole shuttle thing, cuz that's for sissy girls, but not everyone likes riding bicycles so suit yourself.
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