Moab Feedback & Thank you MTBR forum members.-
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    Moab Feedback & Thank you MTBR forum members.

    Just returned from a week long vacation in Moab Utah. Much of my planning was based on feedback found on this forum, so I thought it only right to leave some information.

    Day 1 - Mag 7. We were 5 guys, all near the expert category but not really thinking ourselves expert. We started with the Mag 7 because much of it was rated intermediate. The first 14 miles was awesome. Raced through it in under 1.5 hours even with many stops for pictures. Then came the bad. Three of us have a wife and children, thus valuing life over thrill, we opted to avoid portal. We pulled off the blue dots a bit early, maybe .5 miles before poison spider. We foolishly, jumped back onto Golden Spike. We coasted / pushed GS to PS. Let me warn anyone, NEVER EVER DO THIS!!! This was the worst ever. Baking in the desert, each of us required over 200oz of water! Pushing major jeep trail, pushing through sand... this was the worst ever exit. ** my advice ** Ride to the top... Gold Bar Rim, then turn around and go ride out Gemini Bridges Road. I don't know how good or bad Portal is, but 2 of our guys were ready give up all hope and just die there in the desert.

    Day 2 - Around 3pm we had recovered enough to ride again. One in our group (number 6) took our Avalanche, dropped us off at the top of the Mag 7 and picked us up at mile 12, on Gemini Bridges Road. This was very enjoyable and took under 1.5 hours.

    -> I highly recommend the first half of the Mag 7, it is a wonderful ride. The view at the top of Gold Bar is amazing. Worth the effort. From there, I guess it's a coin toss. Exit on the a trail known to be one of the deadliest in the US or Ride back to Gemini Bridges Road. Certainly the latter option adds several miles.

    Day 3 - Hymasa & Captain Ahab. We hit this trail early and were off by 11am. The ride was on the short side but it was a wonderful trail. (Didn't want a repeat of Day 1) The climbs were technical but manageable, the cardio requirement IMO is far less than Gold Bar, or GS. Two of us road every section, 3 road most and walked only the most sketchy. This is one trail you may ride twice if it's not a hot day. -> I'd highly recommend both trails. Very enjoyable. Played at the watering hole this afternoon as it was nearly 100F.

    Day 4 - We tried to do an easy day here. We drove out to Klondike Bluffs. What started as a 'very easy' finished up with 15 miles and EKG. What a fun place! As a group we really enjoyed Klondike. Our 6th guy was a road biker, first time on a mountain bike. He road Jurassic while we stepped off to EKG and Dino. I road EKG with one other. EKG was great fun, lots of riding on smooth rock. The guys who did Dino also enjoyed the trail. They described it as very flowy.
    -> We didn't think much of Klondike, but after riding it, I'd highly recommend it as a light day or even a warm up.

    Day 5 - The Whole Enchilada - Shuttle up, 32+ miles back to rental / bike shop. WHAT AN AMAZING DAY! Two of our guys rented for this ride. (one had an XC rig the other a 29er hard tail). This trail was loved by all. With the push up to the top of Burros I think it was 2300ft of up and 8050ish down. Everyone in our group came back with a huge smile. From riding through snow, to mountain streams, to aspen woods, to the rim, just amazing.
    -> The WE is so amazing, you may want to consider riding this one twice! All of us were dropping the 3+' ledges by Friday and having a great time.

    So there you have it. The Mag 7 is great without GS or PS. the WE is epic, think about riding it twice. Ahab really is a great trail, perfect for a morning ride leaving the afternoon open for whatever else.

    Our group stayed at the Cottonwoods. We rented through Moab Utah Lodging & Condos | Moab, Utah | Moab Condo Rentals. The place was perfect. Clean, nicely equipped. Can't say enough good about the location or the rental company. 1 Block away was the dirt jump park. Only one had the courage to hit the black diamond line, but the jumps were fun for all.

    Thanks for helping with a great trip!

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    Just so you know, Portal isn't that bad. I'm not comfortable with heights so I walked most of the exposed section but once you turn the corner things get pretty awesome. Awesome, of course, means very technical riding in my book. Definitely worth not riding through the jeep road sand death march unless you have someone with clinical acrophobia. I'd never take my wife or a few of my friends who have legitimate acrophobia on that trail, no matter how bad PS is.
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