Moab in deep winter.-
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    New question here. Moab in deep winter.

    I'm a wee Aussie, likely to be skiing in Snowbird/Alta for 7-10 days in early Feb .

    Now, I've heard me a heap about Slickrock, Porcupine & White rims, etc - and I'd love to spin down the highway for a spin o' the pedals. (Wouldn't mind checkin' out some of that John Ford stylee landscape either, given previous trips to the USA haven't included that bit)

    My question is this. How ridable is Moab in deep winter? I live in a climate that sees overnight freezes all winter - and happily ride through it.


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    I was in Moab last Nov and met a guy who used to live in Moab. He told me that often Feb has some beautiful riding weather. BTW yesterday I met a co-workers Aussie girlfriend, maybe you know her, name of Lisa.
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    haven't ridden in Feb but...

    I think it would be a good option to keep open. If you're going to be in SLC for 7-10 days a trip to Moab would be worth it if you've never been there. It's about a 4 hour drive so you would likely kill a couple days of your trip at least between the drive and riding. I think temps in the Moab area are typically in the 50s during Feb (looks like 60s there most of this week) but they ocassionally get some nasty weather so it's not something you should totally bank on. It is definitely a good option if you end up here during a bad week for the bird and alta. If the snow sucks the whole time(well, no new snow), odds are it would be pretty dry in Moab and it would be a nice break from skiing groomers all day. If one of the big winter storms roll in you may just want to enjoy the snow and save Moab for another trip. If you have a couple days to spare go for it, a couple rides and a trip to Arches would definitely be worth the drive time.
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    Thank you Sirs,

    We're aiming to ski our rings off - but I'd love to get a couple of days in Moab - Slickrock is a must and ideally Porcupine Rim...unless there are other simple nav options that we're not likely to find in the literature...? We're pretty good riders, 12hr solo races, etc - though we're not about to win any trials comps - and we're in enough debt that we want to survive the trip!

    As you suggest, Mr 22, we'll take the "suck it and see" approach.

    Life's not to tough when you're only choices are between deep powder or slickrock!

    I'm amped!


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    Not Porcupine in Feb

    Porcupine is usually not good in Feb. The trailhead is quite high
    as well as a lot of shaded areas that stay icey/snowy in winter.

    As long as there hasn't been a recent good sized snow event,
    Slickrock will be great. Another excellent winter ride in Moab
    is Amasa Back--it's an out and back and would be a nice compliment
    to Slickrock.

    Call one of the local bike shops before heading down to check
    on trail conditions.

    Moab can be wonderful that time of year.


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