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  • 08-18-2013
    I'm looking to get some opinions on living in Midvale.
    I realize biking isn't very close, but the access to the highway is super close which then makes access to biking really not that bad.
    So I'm not as curious about living in Midvale from a biker's perspective, just living in Midvale in general. Like is it safe to walk around, and is it a tolerable place to live? Or will I be bored out of my mind trying to find something to do in the evenings? Is it at all bike friendly for just riding around town?
    I've been in the Salt Lake area for about 6 months, living in West Valley, and I need to get out of there. It was convenient for work, but nothing else good about it. I would love to live in the Sugarhouse area, but as of yet, have not been to find anything that is not a sh*t hole and affordable for my girlfriend and myself. We found a decent place in Midvale, convenient enough for both of our jobs, but we don't really know too much about the area.
    Any opinions out there?
  • 08-18-2013
    Parts of Midvale are great other parts are going to feel a lot similar to WVC, kinda depends on what is bugging you about WVC. If you are looking for the feel of Sugarhouse or Downtown SLC, you will only find them there, IMO.

    Salt Lake Valley seems to be getting more and more bike friendly but seems to still have a ways to go to rival larger cities, I think one problem is most of the valley is suburbs with mostly chain style dining and shopping, so if you are into pub crawling and locally owned things it seems to be a bit more accessible in sugarhouse/dt area. You will find what you "need" about any where here but what is preferred my differ.

    IMO and this will raise some hairs but the more east you get in the valley, the better. I live just west of state st in Murray and personally will not move west of state when I make a move. if you go west AND south it changes a little bit but not where I picture myself.

    I was born and raised in Murray and feel like I can go any where in SLC no problem but definitely some places I wouldnt want to live and attempt to have nice things stay nice and mine. but walking around and just being out and about, its safe to me.

    Ultimately I think that each small city has its "bad" spots

    As far as trail access I think its better than WVC, mostly cause its closer to most any trail I can think of, being closer to the Wasatch Mountains.