• 04-01-2008
    May Trip to Moab- end of May too hot? Would Mid May be better? No difference?
    Here's the deal- I plan on heading to Moab over Memorial Day weekend and I noticed the average high temp is 83 degrees in May and 93 degrees in June so I am thinking Memorial Day will be closer to the nineties than the eighties. I have a room reserved (Memorial Day) and I have "points" to buy airfare- it will be just me traveling (plan is to hire guides) so if I could move everything earlier two weeks would it be a little more enjoyable? I plan on riding pretty early in the AM and considering I am traveling from the east coast the time change works in my favor... I originally planned the trip over Memorial Day for two man reasons- 1. minimize "vacation" days due to the holiday and 2. build in as much saddle prep time as possible to be in the best shape (glad to say I have been able to get saddle time in early this season and should be good to go in mid May as much if I waited till the end of May...)

    Thoughts? Stick with what I have or go earlier? I will pull the trigger on airfare in the next day or so- waiting for the points to come through...

  • 04-01-2008
    I used to come here just about every memorial weekend and didn't have any issues. Adjust your riding times, depending on the heat. It's obviously cooler in the mornings. Or, just take a butt load of water.
  • 04-01-2008
    Earlier vs. Memorial Day
    There are definitely more people around Memorial Day. Maybe that is good for you if you want to hook up with riders. Obviously, on average it can be hotter, but if you avoid 1-4 you'll be OK then. Take a river trip one afternoon. The water should be good this year, and Memorial Day is close to peak runoff. .
  • 04-06-2008
    Punta Lobos
    No difference. You may want to avoid the crowds of memorial day.