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    ... and if we just ... Loser with no friends going to Moab!

    Just kidding about the loser part- but I don't have any friends... that I can drag out to Moab with me. I am up in the air between two choices- a tour company run trip out to Gooseberry (eliminating the loser/no friends problem- if I can't make any friends then I'll pay for some) or a solo trip out to Moab (couldn't find any tour companies that do a dedicated Moab tour).

    Is heading out to Moab solo a big deal or not? My concern is heading out to these trails alone and getting into trouble (a bad tumble, etc...). Is this a big concern or are the major trails in the area (Slickrock, Porcupine, Amassa) so littered with riders and access to help that I shouldn't let this "solo" thing deter me?
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    I don't think you'll have any trouble finding people to ride with in Moab. In fact, you can't ride alone even if you want to.

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    When are you going? If it's any time in March-May, you will be fine riding alone on any of the major trails. There will be plenty of traffic out there. On Porcupine, you see riders every 10 minutes or so on a typical day, and on Slickrock there will probably be at least a few other riders in sight at all times.

    Some tips: ride early and try to be off the trails by noon if the high temps aren't too bad (85deg) or by 10am if it's much hotter. Take lots of water. A 100oz camelback should do it for just about every ride. There are many very good maps of the trails there, Nat Geographic and Latitude 40 make great ones. Cel phones get pretty good reception on some of the trails if you get into trouble, but it's not a guarantee.

    Moab has the nasty habit of breaking riders or equipment, so make sure you have a decent first-aid kit in your pack, along with some tools and a zip-lock filled with small parts like a spare chainring bolt and other hardware.

    Search this board for the dozens of Moab-related threads and you should find all your questions answered!



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    Idea! An alternative in St. George

    I was in the same boat as you when I was eager to go to St. George in January of this year. I found Mark Erickson at Mountain Bike Buddies.com. He has a unique service - he takes you to all of the trailheads and then waits for you at the bottom/end of the trails. He is a local, knows and has ridden all of the trails in the area, and is full of information.

    You will still ride alone, but chances are there may be other people using his service at the same time you are and then you will have others to ride with. Very inexpensive, he even lends you his GPS with all of the trails on them for the less traveled areas like Little Creek Mesa.

    He picks you up at your motel, suggests trails to suit your interest and ability, has lunch with you and delivers you back to your motel at the end of the day. For $59/day, you can't beat it.
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    I spent all last summer riding all the moab trails by myself. And I do mean by myself, because no one else rides in Moab in June-August. Just remember that there's no one to help you out so you need to take it easy. Ride conservatively and you'll be fine. At first I didn't like riding alone, but once I got used to it I began to really enjoy it. I found that I push myself much harder (fitness wise, not technical wise) when I'm by myself. I started doing rides in about half the time that it normally takes with a group. It'll get you in shape fast!

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