Little Cottonwood Canyon (LCC) Trail Information-
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    Little Cottonwood Canyon (LCC) Trail Information

    With the recent questions posed via e-mail to WAFTA about the LCC trail, I made a phone call to the USFS officials WAFTA met with earlier and had a good discussion with them this morning (7/13) regarding the trail. Please feel free to pass this information along to people you know who aren’t part of the WAFTA email list or who don't frequent any forums that this has been posted on.

    ** And yes, since the trail is in jeopardy, and heaps of people already know about it, I'm posting about it on forums in an effort to spread the word. This may be a bit against the normal 'rules' of posting about unofficial trails but so be it. **

    We discussed the trail in three sections, all of them are above the traditional “Quarry Trail”. These sections are:

    1) The area below the White Pine trail and south of the creek
    2) The area north of the creek but above the campground
    3) The area between the campground and the ruins at the top of the Quarry Trail

    Section 1 is a highly-sensitive wetland area. There were some man-made features along this trail that have been dismantled and removed. This area is not conducive to any trails and the USFS does not recommend that one ever be built there due to watershed, wetlands, wildlife bedding areas, and sustainability issues. If trails continue to be built/used in this area, most likely they will pursue a formal “Closure Order” which would authorize tickets, fines, and other more severe implications.

    Section 2 has issues with erosion regarding the entrance and the proximity of the campground. The primary concern is regarding safety. People who camp there are curious and do explore the trail, and riders have been observed not yielding to hikers and going too fast through the campground.

    Section 3 also has issues regarding sustainability but like section 2 the primary concern is safety.

    So, what is the bottom line? Here’s what is recommended if you continue to ride in this area:

    · Do not ride the section of trail between the White Pine trailhead and south of the creek
    · Do not build anything (riding the trail is not illegal at this point – but building anything without a permit on USFS managed lands is ALWAYS illegal)
    · The trail is not a downhill, bike-only trail - hikers are allowed, and they have right-of-way just like any multi-use trail guidelines state
    · Go VERY SLOW through the campground and yield to anybody or anything in your way
    · Be safe and remember that hikers/animals may be lingering below any features and may be in the trail

    The USFS officials are discussing this trail, and WAFTA will be working with them to hopefully save it from closure. Following these recommendations, helping to police others into following them while you’re out there, and by being PATIENT are the best things we can do right now. If a hiker/biker collision occurs, or unsafe conduct (especially where there are more people around such as near the campground) continues, this will jeopardize any efforts that we are making to help bring this forward as a legitimate trail.

    I can assure you that the USFS in our area is not against mountain biking and freeriding. They are aware of the progress made between clubs and other ranger districts in the country, and want to work with us to foster a cooperative relationship like those areas have. This is a good opportunity for us, as mountain bikers, to step up and show them that we will be responsible users and help them with the stewardship of lands for ourselves and future generations.

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    Thanks Steve.

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    Thanks for the heads up Steve, definitely cool that they at least gave some guidelines as to their expectations for those sections of trail. Sadly I still haven't even ridden the section between White Pine and the campground due to always riding it solo and haven't climbed any further than that from the bottom. Will have to get up there and check the whole thing out one of these days. Glad to see the FS being fairly proactive about working with WAFTA too, definitely an encouraging sign. That along with seeing two FS employees in uniform out riding Great Western yesterday (first time I've seen that in 6 years here) have me thinking that maybe relations between mtbers and the FS isn't quite as bad as I previously thought.
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    Just one more reason to join WAFTA. Thanks Steve and WAFTA for all of your hard work in preserving LCC and building sustainable, positive relationships with the USFS.

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    Seriously, please join WAFTA and be a part of the freeride revolution that is going on here. The stronger the organized numbers... the better the results.

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    Thanks Steve!!!

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    I have been out of town for the last week and I heard that section 2 is now closed?

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    Not true about what you 'heard' about section 2. Non of the sections are officially closed, everything in TheProf's post is still accurate ;o)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlbg4life
    Not true about what you 'heard' about section 2.
    Good to hear. Kind of.

    Oh, and you are right. I didn't actually "hear" it..I read it in a text message.

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