• 04-04-2005
    Little Canyon Riim Trail - Moab
    has anyone ridden the Little Canyon Rim extension off Gemini Bridges. Is it worthwhile? Any other advice. We are spending the weekend riding in Moab. Thanks
  • 04-07-2005
    i've only done it on the scooter, towards the end of a long day out towards hidden canyon and the maze and stuff and i found it quite enjoyable, some semi-technical bits with some nice cliff-top views. seems to me there was a lot of rock. i don't remember if there was much sand or not, since sand is not really a problem on a dirtbike. i think the jeepers call it 'steelbender' or something like that.

  • 04-11-2005
    I rode it last fall but I think the name on the map is Little Moab Rim not Little Canyon RIm. Regardless, it is a good ride. I would recommend doing it as a shuttle droping a car at the Gemeni Bridges lot on 192 and then driving out towards Dead Horse Point to start the ride at the top like you would for Gemeni. About 3 or 4 or 5 miles into the downhill cruise you will see a tiny little sign with a trail name on it. Hang a left and follow the road. There is a nasty drop off section called the Widow Maker. It is big and pretty tough to even walk down. From there the route just winds about some more and eventually starts climbing up to the rocky cliff band that is above where you left the first vehicle. From there the descent is kinda like Gold bar just shorter. Eventually it leadds you back out to the dirt roads from Gemeni. Nice ride but there is a fair bit of boring dirt road. Total about 3 hours with shuttle time. Good ride to finish up a trip on as it is fairly easy and fairly mellow. Nice views.