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    Lewis Peak/Skyline

    Lenny Kravitz, Fall Out Boy, and I took a trip up Skyline today. It's been about a decade since I've been up to Lewis Peak, and I almost forgot (selectively) what a ball-buster of a climb it is. It took me about 2.5 hrs to climb the nearly 4000 feet to the top and only 40 mins to ride back down. The first 3 miles are relentless, and the trail never let's up. I cursed under my breath the entire way up, but the view at the top made it completely worth while. It's way too hot right now, but I'd like to do an epic ride over to the divide and then Ben Lomend into North Fork. I'm not in shape for it now, but I know others have done it. If you have any suggestions for riding both North and South Skyline in one shot let me know. Shuttle/no shuttle? How much H20?

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    I did Southern Skyline and Northern Skyline together last August as a solo ride (stupid...), it was my first time there. I left the car at Pineview Reservoir Trailhead and climbed up to Lewis Peak. All went great, cool air in the morning, nice trail, I felt perfect. I met some biker at the top so we took some pics together. Then I descended to North Ogden Divide and had some snack. What a great day!....

    ...I started climbig Northern Skyline in a great mood. All was different 1 hour later. It's a tough climb... but the sun killed me. It got really hot and there is no shade for about 2 hours. I was freaking out a little...no people at all. The only thing I saw was a huge moose that looked like he just came from hell. I was quite exhausted and wasn't sure if I have enough water (3l bladder plus one bottle...not enough). I got to the Ben Lomond base. Of course, I did not take the spur up to the peak but kept going onto North Park Trail...looooong downhill. I was just holding onto the bike hoping that trail will not disappear (It is kinda narrow at places). I ran out of water just when I got down to the campground. I took the road back towards Pine View Trailhead. First gas station on the way saved my life, they had the best Powerade I have ever had ;-)

    Great trail! Take 4.5 liters of water unless you start really early. Riding time was 5:19, 40 miles. Check Bromka's Mountaibiking Utah and https://www.utahmountainbiking.com/ for more info.

    more pictures: https://www.blog.bikeusa.cz/index.php?itemid=70

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    I like to park at the top of the North Ogden Divide. I leave some cold water and food in the truck for resupply. I ride down the old wagon road to the Nordic Valley area and ride the road to the southern skyline/windsurfer beach trailhead. Ride up and over to Lewis, or just drop to the pass. Stop and get some cold water and food and the car then go up northern skyline. I usually ride back to the pass down the same trail. I have ridden down to north fork, but it gets so overgrown that it is hard to do when i am tired.

    Its a great long ride.

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