i was lucky enough to join in with a bunch of friends to visit your great state for some riding and good times. Sure enough on the first day of riding, i had a loose pivot on my giant reign. I proceeded to tighten the pivot screw when the head just snaps off so here i am in the middle of JEM trail thinking i'm SOL ... i walked/rode back to the car and after waiting for my friend to finish the loop we had back into town. I stopped by Shuntavi Bikes and although they could not find anything that would work for me, they were awesome! I can't remember the young mans name, but he was taking screws off a bunch of bikes to see if it would work. thanks man!

Finally made our way to Sunset cycles which is a new shop in St. George. I explained my dire situation to Steve, the owner and he was willing to help me out. He already had his hands full with helping another customer and taking calls, but was calling the Giant rep and going through manuals trying to find out what would work. I came back to the shop with my bike since he wanted to take a look at it and i started tearing down the frame while he was helping his customer. Steve was happy to let me use his stand and tools and we eventually got the bike back together!

All in all a big THANK YOU goes out to you Steve, you saved my weekend i'm not sure if you drink beer or not, but the next time i'm out in Utah i'm buying you some beers.