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    Kokopelli water intel please

    Planning a westbound trip on the kokopelli for mid April.

    Havenít been able to find any up to date intel on the water availability.
    Have searched online and read The Kokopelliís guide book, but all the G2 is pretty stale.

    Is Westwater permanently shut down?

    In mid April can the route be done without caching water? If you need to cache, whatís the best strategy?

    My buddy has experience with scarce water hiking the PCT, but Iíd rather not cheat death by sucking the moisture out of a dead mouse from a mud puddle like he does.

    I understand that settling water out of the Colorado with alum is possible, but am hoping groundwater and creeks are viable in April.

    Thanks in advance for the info!

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    Much of your need will depend on how much you plan to carry and how much ground you can cover per day.
    Lots of options if you intend to fill as needed + have capacity to carry between sources.
    Can fill early from river/Salt Creek if not opposed to hiking for it. Best to have a cleanable filter.
    Westwater Ranger Station? Supposedly the spigot is under repair-ongoing effort. May/or may not be able to source water from Ranger stash=Do not expect a handout. Can always filter from river. Prior to Cottonwood Creek, the river offers several options if you can deal with silt.
    Post Cottonwood Creek, you shouldn't have issues.
    Prior to Dewey the river is your safety net.
    Can filter from river near/at Dewey. Best to have water at this point. Can be hot when climbing out.
    Fisher Creek/Onion Creek-need filter-cows. Lots of options.
    May or may not be water at Hideout campground. Don't count on it unless there has been lots of recent rain.
    Water before Mason Draw camping.
    Can be a good idea to take an easy to carry/collapsible water bladder with you. Fill it and lash it to your ride as emergency stash if you are unsure/nervous. If you end up carrying too much between sources just drink it and feel good and pee a lot so you arrive in Moab feeling all bright and shiny.

    No need to cache unless you plan on being REALLY SLOW and unwilling to venture off the main tracks to access H2O.

    Also- just use the above for reference. May or may not apply to the degree you require in April 2019. Best to start asking questions and checking status in spring 19 prior to your trip.

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    Planning on a 3 day ride, as far as speed goes 50 miles roughly per day.

    Have spent last year bikepacking in Idaho and Oregon. It s all steep shit. About 70 miles and 9000 feet is the best I can do per day but thatís suffering pretty hard for me.
    Want to enjoy this trip and will have some amigos along, 3 days seems about right

    Plan on carrying 5 liters on the bike. With one additional unfilled reserve bladder.

    Have learned that camping on a water source is important even at the cost of more / less miles for the day.

    Any site recommendations with this in mind?

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    Westwater Ranger Station currently has no water. They plan to have the system up and running in the spring; but that's not a confirmed date. You might call them before your trip, but I wouldn't count on it being available.

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