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    I've got 7 days to ride, where should i go?

    A group of buddies and i are heading out to Colorado and Utah this summer to do some riding. I've mapped out some trails based off reviews on this site. Let me know if this is a good lineup, and if not, TELL ME WERE TO RIDE! I dont want to miss anything.

    -Dakota Ridge
    -Deer Creek Canyon

    -Colorado Trail - Swan river

    -Joes Ridge
    -Chutes and Ladders

    -Porcupine Rim

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    If you can make it to the Boulder area try Walker Ranch...haven't done it in years but loved it! If you decide to drive up to the SLC area any of the trails in the Wasatch Front will be great...Park City has a ton of great trails.

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    Utah/Western CO Road Trip June 8-17

    Raceface and others,

    I am heading on a road trip of my own and am looking for people to cruise with in the same area. Wondering if I could tag along with anyone or any small group. Afterwards, I will also be in Zion doing some canyoneering/climbing the 17th-19th with some friends (that is where I meet up with them, before that date, I will be soloing it in and around southeaster Utah).

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    If you had your choice?

    All things being equal if you had 4 days in early~mid September would you folk who have been to the SW ride Fruita or Moab. Hear a lot about slickrock/porc rim/ ect... in Moab but not much about Fruita other than word of mouth about how great it is. Is Fruita worth passing up Moab. GF and I aren't big gravity demons but like the technical/XC stuff and would like to setup and focus on one area. So....any suggestions?

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    Personally, I didn't care that much for Chutes and Ladders in Fruita. Don't get me wrong, it's a great trail at the top but gets kinda flat and dull after that.
    Personally, I love the Kokopelli area by Fruita a lot better. Mary's/Horsethief are classics and Moore Fun is just awesome.
    Still, whatever you choose, you will have a blast. Joe's Ridge is a blast as is Kessel Run and Prime Cut

    Rocky Mountain High,
    It is at the point where Moab and Fruita are pretty close in terms of trails. Moab is more well-known but Fruita is catching up. Either way, you will have a blast. Both offer amazing technical/xc trails. Being from Utah (and not much of a beer drinker) I prefer Moab but I can understand why some prefer Fruita.

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    You never know what people's real agenda is on a visit, nor their fitness or tech ability, but for the Denver area Dakota Ridge is a cool trail but if you ride only that you'll be done in an hour. I would recommend tying DR with Matthews/Winters and Red Rocks, and maybe Apex or Green Mountain depending on how fit you are. You can string all these together (and Chimney Gulch) without driving. I've never ridden Deer Creek Canyon, but if that doesn't pan out you can always do White Ranch and/or Golden Gate and/or North Table.

    As for Moab, Porcupine is #1, but it is done in 3 hours if you shuttle, so you might want to try the Hazard/LPS or even Burro/Hazard/LPS instead of the 'traditional' start at the stock tank.

    Slickrock is three hours best done early in the morning this time of year. You might want to consider an evening ride out at Bartlett Wash or Klondike/Baby Steps.

    Or, you may want to use your spare time to drink beer, in which case you need to remember to buy it in CO before going to Utah and being forced to drink 3.2 or buy it one bottle at a time.

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    Thank you everyone

    After lots of deliberation and help from everyone on this forum, i have come up with a schedule of rides that we will be doing:

    Colorado trail - Swan River
    401 Gothic trail
    Teocali Ridge
    Doctors Park
    Dyke Trail
    Monarch Crest
    Kenosha Pass
    Dakota Ridge (last day real quick before we head to the airport)

    One of my buddies is concerned about the altitude of Monarch Crest and the thin air. What percautions should we take here? And is there a good chance somone will get sick, a good enough chance to swap it out for another ride?

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