We at the North Eastern Utah Mountain Bike Association (NUMB) would like to introduce ourselves to you, make you aware of NUMB, and inform you about our annual mountain bike festival- NUMB Fest (originally The Dinotrax Mountain Bike Festival and now in our 3rd season as NUMB Fest).

The North Eastern Utah Mountain Bike Association (NUMB) was formed in 2006 in association with the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA).
NUMB is centered in Vernal, Utah in the heart of the growing and majestic Uintah Basin. We are surrounded on all four sides by distinctly different, varied, and challenging terrain. To the north are the imposing Uintah Mountains, Flaming Gorge Reservoir, and finally Wyoming. To the east are the rolling hills of Jensen, Dinosaur National Monument, rugged Blue Mountain, and Colorado. To the west are the forests and mountains of Dry Fork, Roosevelt, and Duchesne. Finally, to the south is the rugged, rocky, and sandy terrain of the North Eastern Utah Desert.

Our area has well over three hundred miles (and growing) of mapped and maintained trails that offer challenges for mountain bikers of all fitness and ability levels. All the tracks offer steller scenery with chances to see wildlife of many varieties as well as the opportunity to see sites of ancient indiginous peoples along with those of more modern settlers.

The North Eastern Utah Mountain Bike Association's goal is to promote safe and responsible riding in the the North Eastern Utah Area. Additionally, we look to promote our area as a riding mecca and a mountain biking travel destination. The riding in our area is as good as or better than any area in the South West. NUMB looks to improve trail growth by building and maintaining trails on a regular basis. We also promote comradery and kinship among the riders of North Eastern Utah, Utah, Colorado, and the South West.

NUMB is also responsible for organizing trail maintenance on our trail system, regular group rides, and holding the world famous NUMB Fest- a three day event in mid-summer with riders traveling from all over the United States to attend.

Our website is Please check our website often as we will be updating it regularly with trail and event information along with photos and videos of our rides and events along with information regarding NUMB Fest.

NUMB conducts multiple, organized group rides on a weekly basis during the active, riding season. During the riding season, we have a calendar listing of each weeks ride locations, days, and times. The riding season starts when our record snow pack is gone which is now.

Urban Assault Sunday - Sunday Evenings - Cement, stairs, rails, drops, & who knows what else.
Mellow Monday - Monday Evenings - Non-intimidating, low pressure ride; Ladies are especially encouraged to attend.
XC Hump Day - Wednesday Evenings - A bit longer. A bit more hardcore. Single-track for everyone.
Downhill Thursday - Thursday Evenings - Not just DH- Toss in some Freeriding & Dirt-Jumping for good times.
Road Group Ride - Day and Time to be determined - Long stretches of tarmac and the open road.

NUMB is in the process of finishing an online trail guide with trail head locations, trail maps, and trail info which can be found at

NUMB Fest 2008 is one of the most eagerly anticipated mountain bike gatherings in Utah as well as all of the South West. Riders from the Uintah Basin as well as riders travelling from across Utah and neighboring states can expect three fun and action packed days of organized riding and festivities.

There will be organized trail rides each day based on ability level with gatherings in the evening involving food, beverage, revelry, and prizes provided by the event sponsors.

NUMB Fest 2008 - May 30, 31, & June 1

~ All Events in & around Vernal & the Uintah Basin ~
~ Group Rides for All Ability Levels ~
~ No Charge or Entry Fee ~
~Social Gathering After Daily Events~
~Door Prizes & Free Schwag~

Information regarding NUMB group rides and NUMB Fest 2008 can be found at

NUMB also has a new and fairly active forum which includes information regarding local trails, group rides, and events at

We would appreciate it if you could help us make NUMB & NUMB Fest more known to those outside our area. Any write-ups about NUMB & NUMB Fest or links to local mountain biking organizations or events would be appreciated.

Again, our website is and our events page with info regarding NUMB Fest 2008 is We also have a forum which includes information regarding local trails, group rides, and events at Additionally, we are working on getting an online trail guide completed with trail head locations, trail maps, and trail info at

We'd like to thank you for your time and consideration in reading our e-mail. If you have any questions or comments regarding NUMB or NUMB Fest, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by e-mail at [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected] or through the forum.

Thanks again,