• 11-28-2008
    drain bamage
    I am clueless about trails in the Sandy area
    The title explains itself. What are good trails that are not crazy like you must go off a 5foot drop off because I am new to this. I rode up little cottonwood and did that trail where the parking lot for it is right next to the electric sign. I only went about 1 mile up and thougt it ended right at the jumps that are very tall but I guess it goes a lot longer. I like trail riding and down hill. Also if you have done the Snowbird tram and ridin all the way down, What is the hardest part of the trail or whatever (example: A 5 foot jump or drop off) I dont know of any trails around there that are XC and single track. Only one I know of is that dusty, smooth, wide trail one that has little challenge.
  • 11-30-2008
    drain bamage
    bump... I alreay know about temple quary...
  • 12-02-2008
    taint much in Sandy proper..

    check utahmountainbiking.com they list rides by area, and do a good job

    the draper shoreline trails and trail system are probably your best bet.