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    Hiker clashes on Bobsled???


    Not sure what to make of this, I was notified by the original poster via PM that Bobsled is the trail in question by the residents. I never see hikers on that trail and I ride it at least once a week.

    What say you all on this? I've only had run ins with one lady that walks her dog off-leash up Bobsled just to make a point. But I have yet to see her this year. Anyone here had any hiker clashes on the sled?

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    Never seen a single hiker on bobsled. I just posted over there. Sounds like a meeting is in order and perhaps we need to work towards formalizing and signing Bobsled as a downhill trail. It is without question one of the best trails in the area and it serves a tremendous benefit in funneling a great deal of traffic down that would otherwise be descending rapidly on one of the other exit points where uphill traffic is much more prevalent. I think it's safe to say that Bobsled prevents far more traffic conflicts than it creates. We just need to help everyone understand how they can safely hike/bike to the top using alternate routes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Err
    ....signing Bobsled as a downhill trail.

    I hope you guys with WAFTA have a signage strategy in place for the Draper trail so when it's done there will be no question as to it's use.

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    I also think signing bobsled as a downhill only trail is a great idea

    However this does not necessarly solve any problems. If a hiker is hiking down bobsled I think it presents an equally unsafe situation. What we are really talking about is designating Bobsled a one-way bike only trail. While I understand the arguments for this and think it would lead to a safer and funner trail experience for all, I am not sure that the Shoreline trail comittee would agree, as they have always worked toward developing multi-use trails. How would we feel about designating Dry creek as a hiker's only trail? It is dangerous too have bikers flying down that, and since we have bobsled for that purpose it would prevent traffic conflicts as well.
    I guess my basic point is that designation of a trail as single use could set a dangerous precident that trails cannot be multi-use, and we should break the trail system up into Bike/hike/horse trails. While in alot of ways this is Ideal it would mean that only 33% of the trails you now know and love will be avalible.
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    Honestly, I think many conflicts could be avoided by just not building with non-natural/non-existing material and by not building during prime hiker hours.

    I know it isn't a super popular stand, but the thing is, most of the people who are clueless enough to hike up Bobsled have NO IDEA what all the berms and dirt are for/from (if they did, they wouldn't be hiking up). They only start to clue in when structures appear, and structures give them a thing to point at when they complain to the city. It is pretty hard for them to go to the city and say "these riders are riding too far up on the sidehill" or "these bikers are destroying this abandoned car" but it is really easy for them to go to the city and say " these bikers are building and installing dangerous illegal structures that are a source of liability for the city/county/state".

    I think working with the Shoreline to have Bobsled designated as official is a great idea, and I do think that we could create a map that shows traffic flow in the Shoreline system and demonstrate how bobsled actually really helps to keep accidents down on the Dry Gulch and City Creek hills. The crux will be convincing people to not just try to implement unenforceable speed limits and rules - using the WAFTA and IMBA logos (with approval) might really help with some legitimacy here.

    These are exactly the same problems that have resulted in restrictions on other city trail systems and nipping the problem in the bud is a very smart thing to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shelbak73

    I hope you guys with WAFTA have a signage strategy in place for the Draper trail so when it's done there will be no question as to it's use.
    Yep. Steve has been making the signs and they will likely be installed this weekend or early next week.

    As for the Bobsled issue, after Draper officially opens the Draper DH, WAFTA may look into addressing the issue of the Bobsled. The Board will have to decide.


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