Hi Folks,

Iím writing this as a highly positive review of Mountain Bike Buddies. Itís a unique guide/shuttle service located in St. George, UT. They provide support on rides though out southwestern UT as well as Moab. Their website is:


Phone: 1(800)860-6460

Itís owned and operated by Mark Erickson and that fact is a perfect place to start this review. To say that Mark is a unique guy is the understatement of the year. His life experience, wealth of stories and depth of local knowledge is invaluable, entertaining and downright fun. In my youth I worked throughout the western US as a river guide and kayak instructor. I thought I could spin a fair yarn that was worth a chuckle, provided local color and educated my students. Compared to Mark I was just a city slicker trying to be a western character. This guy is the real McCoy! Born and raised in St. George he and his partners have created some of the best trail systems in the area.

Markís extensive knowledge of the local trails allowed him to recommend, and most importantly take us to and from, the perfect trails for my wife and me each day we rode with him. He was able to find the right trail to fit our level of conditioning, desire for challenge/risk as well as the requisite fun factor. Iíd never ridden in St. George before and all I knew was what Iíd read about how wonderful the riding was. With that said I especially appreciated the fact I could take my wife on a mountain bike vacation and be assured that I wasnít picking a trail, in my ignorance, which would be too difficult for her to have a good time on. Mark saved me from making that error. Iím not sure who enjoyed that fact moreÖmy wife or me?

If you want to ride in one of the most amazing locations available and maximize the fun factor at a very reasonable price I recommend that you give Mark a call!

Have fun and play safe,


Iím posting this in several forums. They are the forums I went to ask questions and gather information on St. George before we went on our vacation.