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    Heading to St George tomorrow and can't decide what to ride, HELP!

    So I'm heading to St George tomorrow and can't decide what to ride. I've been looking at vids and utahmountainbiking.com along with posts here and still can't decide.

    I ride a Carbon Nomad and enjoy fast flowy technical trails with small to moderate stunts. I think Barrel Trail is the call but would also like a pretty good epic type ride and Barrel seems somewhat short.

    Also looking good is the JEM trail and everyone says Gooseberry Mesa is a must ride. The tech of Gooseberry looks fun but seems to lack the fast flow, JEM looks fun and flowy but seems kind of flat and mellow (I have not ridden either so my assessment could be wrong). As you can see I'm conflicted and confused

    The trail that looked the funnest was the C Trail in Cedar but I called the local bike shop and they said it is snowed in since it is over 7000 feet.

    Any help or words of advice would be appreciated.

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    Combine Barrel ride with Zen for a good loop. Even ad keyhole wash climb(GV racecourse up) then down barrel ride and back up zen for a great close by loop. Plenty of climbing, tech, descending, and a little chunk here and there.

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    Hurricane loop FTMFW.... Link up goulds-jem-hrt, approx. 20ish miles and everything you asked for
    I dig dirt!

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    If you are looking for fast with flow you are in the wrong part of the state. There is plenty of fast and plenty of flowy but getting the two together is a tough call.

    Repeating what Frederick said, JEM / Hurr Rim / Goulds is probably your best bet.

    BTW, "funnest" is not a word. Sorry to be the grammar police but that one drives me nuts.

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    Barrel Roll and Sidewinder like this............

    Park by the green box on the dirt road at the bottom. Ride the single track up past the water tank to the trailhead. Do the entire Barrel Roll clockwise, at the end head back clockwise again on Barrel Roll but this time take the Sidewinder option to the left....at the top of Sidewinder do the loop and head back down but take Precipice and then retrace your ride back down to the bottom where you parked.

    You get a little tech, some good climbs, some good downhill with some flow and a few miles of downhill to finish off the ride.

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    Ended up riding the Zen loop and then riding up the fire road to the WT and hit Barrel Trail super fun ride, close and convenient.

    Quote Originally Posted by can't get right View Post
    BTW, "funnest" is not a word. Sorry to be the grammar police but that one drives me nuts.
    That is becoming some what subjective:
    Grammar Girl : Is "Funnest" a Word? :: Quick and Dirty Tips

    If it is good enough for Steve Jobs it is good enough for me. BTW you might want to change your tag line from "Bike Snob" to "Grammar Snob" Just kidding, but you have to admit that article makes sense about fun being used as an adjective. But in the end this is just a forum and not my college thesis.

    Cheers and thanks for the advice on the trails, it is much appreciated.

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