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    Hardtails, Couples, and Camping

    The wife and I are excited to be heading back to Moab here soon and as I was running through all that we've learned and our favorite trails, it got me wondering which bikes to bring this time.

    And I have to say, I honestly just love riding my hardtail Kona Honzo in Moab. The process stays home.

    And every time we go, we see groups of guys making the pilgrimage to the promised land of mountain biking, but I also enjoy having a spouse as my riding buddy.

    We enjoy UPS, LPS, Porcupine, Amasa Back, the Mag 7, Navajo (when it rains), slickrock (if we're bringing others along for the first time), and we even dig Deadman to Barbie for a fun quick ride - all on our hardtails.

    Which got me thinking: Are we just wierdos? There have to be others who really enjoy Moab on a hardtail. Last summer we came down Porcupine with a kid on a carbon XC race bike. I know there are some of you out there... And if your preference is the rigid frame, what other trails do you enjoy? We have yet to explore the north 40 - I'm thinking this trip we need to at least try Baby Heads. Are there other awesome trails that you love on your hardtail?

    And for you coupled folks, what little hacks make your trip that much better? No need to share too much for the newbies, but there are simple things that make life better..

    Like the free water fill station at Lions Park, and we always bring a NEMO Helio pressure washer that we fill with water and leave in the sun while out riding. A refreshing shower in nature after a hard day out riding and NOT having to stand in line at Poision Spider... AWESOME!!

    So what do you ride where and what are your Moab hacks?

    Hope to see you out there!!!!

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    Yes, you are weirdos. :-)

    Wife and I used to ride Moab long ago on HT's but love our big squish bikes now, heavy as they are. However, I frequently see HT's everywhere in the west. Bend has a lot of X/C trails so there are many there.

    We stopped using motels and RV park cabins a year ago and now live in our van on MTB road trips. Love the agility, often great views, and much lower cost. After a good ride we'll hang out at the trailhead parking in our folding lounge chairs and drink wine with interesting snacks that my wife makes. Or when I'm there alone I buy at City Market. That is our little treat for almost every ride.

    We usually shower at bike shops such as Moab Cyclery or Over The Edge in Hurricane.

    Tomorrow I'm headed to the Hurricane MTB Festival and next week to Sedona for maybe 5 days of riding. I haven't found public showers in Sedona so we'll use the water bag shower mounted on our lift gate. It works as you say. The primitive areas there for parking overnight aren't as attractive as Moab or Fruita but not bad.

    Still, my preference is Moab so heading there for a few weeks after dropping my wife at the Phoenix airport. For me Moab is my second home and some locals there (and in Fruita) think I live there.
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    OP, no you're not weird. My wife and I usually take the big squish bikes out there, but during one trip where we met some family, we took our single speed hardtail 29s and you know what? it was a farking blast! We joke about it to this day.

    We just bring a lot of beer and go explore rock art/ruins once our legs are shot. No real 'secrets' anymore around Moab, but still enjoy the simple stuff like twilight grilling up at Island in the Sky on a hot summer day.

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