group rides in northern utah-
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    group rides in northern utah

    just moved up to ogden utah and was wondering about group rides, i know that some shops do them but unfortunately it doesn't seem like it happens very often, i was wondering if anyone wanted to hook up and go riding, i'll do most any type of riding but prefer DH/AM styles, i will pedal or push up and go down almost anything, just seeing who else out there wants to ride getting a little board of the same old solo rides.

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    I started an additional posting about a couple of downhilling rides I have planned over the next couple of weeks in Salt Lake City. You are more than welcome to join (please read ride requirements).

    My home base will be out of Orem, UT but may be moving to the Ogden area in the near future and if so, will be organizing downhilling rides up there. I have a passion for cycling as it is fun and a great way to stay fit!

    If you have an interest or know of anyone in the area looking for work or just some adventure, I will be opening a training facility west of the Ogden area on some vacant property. Currently we are in the architectural phase as well as processing trade marks and getting a website ready to launch after the 9/11 anniversary. I should have ATF/Class 3 paperwork completed by then as well.

    In particular anyone with Special Forces training/instructors, Delta, SeAL, BUDS, Delta, etc... to join our group to fight internal terrorism and protect our country from anti-Christian values. Mountain bikers seem to be extremely passionate about their sport and God (myself included) and are in great shape to boot. There is already a Navy SeAL endurance MTB'ing team and I'd like to eventually put together something along those lines to compete nationally.

    Here is a sample of our course work:

    Day One

    •Welcome brief
    •M9 Pistol Shooting
    •Fundamentals of Pistol Marksmanship
    ◦Manipulation Drills
    ◦Shooting Positions
    •M4 Carbine Shooting
    ◦Fundamentals of Carbine Marksmanship
    ◦Manipulation and Malfunction Drills
    ◦Shooting Positions
    ◦Man vs. Man Drills
    •Using a Vehicle for Cover Practical Demonstration
    •Appropriate use of Cover and Concealment on Vehicles
    •Terminal Ballistics Considerations

    Day Two

    •Advanced Marksmanship Shooting Presentation
    ◦Fire and Movement
    •Advanced Marksmanship Shooting Live Fire
    ◦Leap Frog Left/Right
    ◦Shift Left/Right
    ◦Peel Left/Right
    ◦Wounded Teammate/Man down/Casualty Training
    ◦One Man/One Casualty Recover Drill
    ◦Two Man/One Casualty Recover Drill
    •Static and Moving Vehicle Counter Ambush Drills (Dry Fire)
    ◦Counter Assault from Dismount Position
    ◦Counter Assault from Bailout
    •Force on Force Counter Ambush in and Urban Environment

    Day Three

    •Static and Moving Vehicle Counter Ambush Drills (Dry and Live Fire)
    ◦Counter Assault from Dismount Position
    ◦Counter Assault from Bailout
    •Live Fire Counter Ambush Training
    ◦Traditional Ambush
    ◦Blocking Ambush
    ◦IED Initiated Ambush
    •Night Shoot

    Day Four

    •Vehicle Dynamics Presentation
    •Vehicle Dynamics Practical exercise
    ◦Weight Shifting Drills
    ◦Braking Drills
    ◦Accident Avoidance Drills
    ◦Recognizing Vehicle Limitations Drills
    ◦Take-Over Drills (Wounded/Dead Driver)
    ◦Brake and Turn
    ◦Swerve and Avoid Drills
    •Convoy/Group Movement Operations
    ◦Blocking and Screening
    ◦Command and Control
    ◦Vehicle Intervals and Off-Sets
    •Route Planning
    •Convoy Integrity

    Day Five

    •Evasive Driving Skills
    ◦Collision Avoidance
    ◦Precision Interdiction Techniques
    •Back and Side Seat Driving
    ◦Wounded Man Drills
    •Barricade Confrontations
    ◦Check Point Drills
    •Counter Ambush drills
    •Night Vision Goggle Driving Presentation
    •Night Vision Goggle Practical Exercise

    Day Six

    •Force on Force Counter Ambush
    ◦Illegal Vehicle Checkpoint
    ◦Traditional Ambush
    ◦Blocking Ambush
    ◦IED Initiated Ambush
    •Identification and profiling of non-Christian threats

    The following items may be needed and/or provided for each course. You'll probably have most of this if you are a downhiller:

    •Bible/Book of Mormon
    •Tactical Gear (holster, ammo pouches, belt, etc.)
    •Level 3 Body Armor
    •MITCH helmet with NVG mount
    •NVGs w/batteries
    •Combat Boots
    •Rain Gear
    •Eye and Ear Protection rated for firearm training
    •4 sets of BDUs, DCUs, ACUs, or flight suits
    •Athletic Supporter Cup, Solid
    •6 pair of socks
    •Gloves (NOMEX and Heavy Work)
    •Knee and elbow pads
    •Ballistic Sunglasses

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    um ya I saw your other posts, sounds like a good idea and I may just be reading it wrong but I don't know if its for me Im just looking for a bunch of people to ride I don't care what religion or anything I myself am not mormon and I don't care if you are or not just anyone down to do some sick riding in the area, i have been adventuring around by myself and found some really good trails just thought we could get more people together to ride, your post just seemed a little to strict for myself not that its bad or anything, i also just cracked my full face helmet to and because thats a requirement i cant make it, and i don't really like wearing one in the first place unless its like the stuff at deer valley (from what i here i haven't been there yet) but ya i just want to go on a good ride with people wherever no rules or regulations

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    Go to and look under the group ride section. And you can always post your own rides on there.

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    Most of the group rides I know of are roadie rides or slow mtn bike rides..... I'm always looking for someone to ride fast with. Only problem is I work 4 evenings a week and have school in the mornings. I'm good to ride most days between 11 and 3, and maybe an evening here and there, shoot me a pm and we can work something out.

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