The first week of our trip from the UK is going well. We got to St George a bit late so only had time for Broken Mesa.

That was followed by a couple of days at Brian Head doing Blowhard and Bunker Creek the first day and Dar Hollow the second. After running Dark Hollow we tried for Paradise Canyon/Old Dark Hollow (there seemed to be some confusion over names). However, it looked to be little used and even more likely to be littered with downed trees than the more used trails so we went back down Dark Hollow but took the Hendrikson Lake option for the second run. That was a total blast - steep, twisty and loads of rooty drops

Today we did Casto Canyon, Cassidy and Down Losee, followed by Thunder Mountain - the latter is a fabulous trail. We had to keep stopping for the views and photos so we will probably go back to that one for a fast run down.

The altitude has been kicking butt so we will have our day off tomorrow and do some sightseeing. We should hit the St George area goodness with freshened up legs on Saturday.

With long days out there has been no time to do photos so far but will get to that later