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    Gooseberry Mud

    I was going to mention this weeks ago after experiencing the phenomena but got work sidetracked. I swung by the dirt road leading to Gooseberry end of December really hoping for a quick ride before heading back to Seattle. I knew it had rained the day before (maybe more than that?) but was feeling bold and started heading toward utopia. Let's just say I have never experienced driving conditions like that. I have a Volvo wagon with AWD and performance snow tires. I was fishtailing all over the place and eventually said uncle to myself and aborted the mission. Visions of being stuck and having to walk to the road filled my head.

    I never believed the urban legend of that road when it comes to mud but now I am a believer. Felt like sharing. Ride On.

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    Thanks for confirming the legend! We were nearly talked out of our first Gooseberry experience in late 05 by a LBS warning of the mud. We decided to take a chance and head out there anyway, and the road was fine. But it had rained on and off the day before. Good to know the guy wasn't just making it up, though

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    mud like that around Moab too

    I turned off from a paved road onto a dirt road famed for its slipperyness when wet. This was when I first started going down there so...hey, there's a first time for everything so I said, I have a 4wd truck and aggressive tires, let's give it a shot. Well, I got five feet onto the dirt (bentonite) and my truck just began sliding sideways due to the ever-so-slight camber of the road--just sideways! I threw it into reverse and with four wheels spinning, I lurched crazily backwards and sideways back to the pavement. Since then I've been on the same road when perfectly dry and seen the skid marks of many a poor soul who got farther than I did before they too went sideways into the ditch.

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