Gooseberry conditions this weekend 8/21/10 - 8/24/10-
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    Gooseberry conditions this weekend 8/21/10 - 8/24/10

    I was planning to head out to the Gooseberry Area this weekend but I see a bit of weather in the forecast. I see that it is currently raining (Tuesday) and there are isolated thuderstorms predicted until Friday. Sat and Sunday are supposed to be 70 degrees and partly cloudy. I am looking to find out how the Goosberry Area holds up after the rains or if it is has rained much. We were planning to ride Gooseberry Mesa, JEM/Goulds, Little Creek Mesa, and maybe some trails in St. George. I figure the slickrock areas would be fine but how do trails like JEM hold up? Any advice would be appreciated! I don't want to cancel my trip but I also don't want to waste my time if the trails are not rideable. Is it safe to ride in a thunderstorm? I'm from SoCal and am a bit clueless to weather. Trails out here take forever to dry out. We were planning to drive out Thursday night ride Fri, Sat, Sun and return Sunday afternoon. If it would help the riding conditions I could ride Sat Sun Monday instead.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Im assuming you mean this weekend..

    Today was a 40% chance of rain.... not a drop and I rode the JEM and Goulds.. both are nice with one little spot of mud on Goulds.

    Saturday you will not have access to JEM or Hurricane Rim trails. There is a trail running marathon and the entire area between HWY 59 and SR9 is closed. The runners should be done by 2:30 so you could do JEM/Hurricane rim as an afternoon ride

    If the JEM and or Goulds are wet (not damp but wet where you leave tracks) we would certainly appriciate you avoiding the trail system.

    Personally I don;t like riding Goose (or any exposed area) in a Thunderstorm. Lightening is nothing to f#ck with and if you do survive a strike you're never right again....I usually just find a low area and relax until the storm passes, no biggie.

    Little Creek has a better access road than Gooseberry. LC is lava rock vs dirt which becomes baby poop mud on Goose.

    Sat/Sun/Mon looks to be better and as a bonus you'll miss all teh as$holes driving back to So Cal from Vegas on your return trip. JMO.
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