Good Freeride/All Mtn bike for riding in SLC?-
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    ... and if we just ... Good Freeride/All Mtn bike for riding in SLC?

    Hey, I'm looking to buy a freeride or all mountain bike sometime in the very near future... but I'm having a hard time deciding what makes the most sense for the type of terrain we have here.

    I've been riding XC forever, but I went to Whistler earlier this summer and I got addicted to downhill. Since I've been back I've been looking for whatever I can find in terms of jumps, north shore style obstacles, steeps, etc. Things that just can't be done on an XC bike with 3-4 inches of travel. I've found some trails like this, but not a whole lot.

    I'd like to do more freeride, I just don't know how many places I can do that within an hour of my house (near the 7-11 at Big Cottonwood Canyon).

    So, if you live in the SLC/PC area... what kind of bike do you have (travel, model), are you happy with it for the type of terrain around here? I'm thinking of getting a Kona Stinky or Coiler, I'm just not sure if the weight on the Stinky is worth it for what we have around here right now.

    Also does anyone know if there are any trails with north shore style obstacles around here? I've run across a few things but nothing like what I saw in BC.

    Thanks in advance for any information!

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    Check Out Titus

    I have been riding a Titus Switchblade for the past two seasons, and have been extremely happy with it's performance on the trails in the SLC area, as well as down in Moab. I have the TALAS version, so travel is adjustable between 85-125mm up front, and 3.75-5.6in. in back. The bike is amazingly versatile, and its capabilities range from XC up to light-duty freeride, all with just the turn of a knob. My bike weighs in at ~28lbs. (large frame) and is a good climber, and it rips on the downhills in long-travel mode. If you want something a little more burly, check out the Titus Supermoto.

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    Your missing out

    Get a bigger bike and make the drive up Big Cottonwood. Park City has it going on and it's too damn hot in the valley. Here's a pic of what you're missing up here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by potatohead
    Get a bigger bike and make the drive up Big Cottonwood. Park City has it going on and it's too damn hot in the valley. Here's a pic of what you're missing up here.
    Nice pic... did he make it all the way through?

    I actually ride in PC a lot and I ended up there every day this weekend... thanks to some good directions, I saw some pretty impressive construction projects off in the woods. Maybe I don't need to move to BC after all...

    I thought there wasn't enough serious terrain around here to justify buying a FR/DH bike, but I changed my mind this weekend, and I ended up taking a Big Hit on my credit card (but it's one I wanted to take)

    I'm pretty new to FR/DH so I think I've got a while to go before I can ride a lot of what I saw but it's good to know it's there.

    Now, if only PCMR would put in some trails like A-line and Dirt Merchant in the next couple of years... things would be looking real good

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    Hey, soboko, i live like 2 minutes from you, maybe we should go ride some time. I'm just 16 so i hope thats no big deal, but if you ever wanna hook up for a ride, just pm me

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