Get involved!! Trail-building workshops July/Aug-
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    Get involved!! Trail-building workshops July/Aug

    In light of the recent Mill D trail work near the bottom of the trail, I contacted the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation and the Forest Service to see what was going on. In a nutshell, the CCF has raised enough money to hire the underfunded SL Ranger District trail crew to do some maintenance work on a list of highly used trails.

    The CCF has also started to raise a large volunteer force to hopefully take over the burden from the FS since their workforce and funding have been severely cut in recent years. The CCF is very open to having all users get involved so we can all have input on what is happening on our trails. They are hosting a series of FS-sponsored trail-building workshops to train a group of volunteers that can eventually take over routine maintenance.

    I believe that the more we get involved and trained, the more input we will have on trail changes and possiblity trail additions. Here's a copy of the CCF email:


    This summer, join us for a series of workshops designed to train the
    public in trail maintenance skills. These workshops will be lead by
    the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation, in partnership with the
    Wasatch-Cache National Forest.

    Participants can expect to learn about trail maintenance, from the
    basics to more advanced topics. All workshops will be held in Big
    Cottonwood Canyon and will be held from8 am to noon each day. Yes,
    this is early, but you beat the heat!

    Friday, July 20th
    Saturday, August 11th
    Saturday, Sept. 8th

    These workshops are being held in the hopes that we can increase
    volunteer skills of the difficult task of maintaining and sustaining
    some of the best trails in the nation! We hope that by building a
    network of active volunteers with high skill levels in trail
    maintenance, we can work together to keep the ecosystem of the
    Cottonwood Canyons healthy by keeping the trails in working order.

    (801) 733-2337
    [email protected]
    ************************************************** ********************

    Additionally, if you are involved with a group of folks who either
    ride a lot and/or hike/climb/whatever, we are scheduling different
    work days to do some maintenance and upkeep. The Trail Skills
    workshops are a great way to learn about trail maintenance in a hands
    on manner from people that have really had an impact in building and
    maintaining a huge trail network in the SL Valley area over the years,
    many of which I'm sure you probably enjoy year round! We would love
    more folks to get involved.

    Again, let me know if you have further questions, hope you are able to
    get out of the heat for a ride soon!

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    Thanks for posting this, T. We might have to look into attending one of the Saturday sessions.

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    That's great info - I wondered the same thing (who's behind this trail work).

    Do you feel like by getting involved we might be able to encourage building NEW trails instead of turning heavily used trails into super-highways ( ie: pipeline / mill D ) Just seems counter-intuitive to widen/smooth out popular trails thereby creating more potential biker/hiker issues as the speed of downhill bikers increases because of ever widening trails. If we had more trail we could spread out the use from the popular areas.

    Of course, as a good for nothing lazy sob, I haven't done anything to contribute, so I can't really complain....but I do get miffed when I see the pipeline or similiar trails getting bulldozed into something akin to I-15...

    I guess I basically answered my own question - if I don't get involved there's nothing I can do or there you have it.

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