• 09-16-2009
    Free case of OR micro-brew for Moab resident (there's a catch)
    I'm headed to Moab with a few friends the first wknd in Oct. from Portland, Oregon. Haven't been there in about 10 years (hard to believe it when I realized that). Talked to a few folks in town and they have said that the camping situation has changed a bit and that its not as easy to find a good BLM site in town. We get into town late Oct 2nd.

    This is an *important* trip for us - my friend just had his third kid, my wife is pregnant with twins (we already have 1), and the 3rd guy just got engaged and kids are soon on the way. Needless to say, we want to find a good campsite. Anyone got some time Friday AM or even Thurs night to secure us a sweet BLM campsite? We'll bring a case of your favorite OR Microbrew along with us from Portland in return...