• 10-10-2008
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    FIVE stolen bikes, 3 sad people :(
    I had five bikes stolen from my garage two nights ago. 2 belonged to my roomie, and 2 belonged to our friends, and the other was mine. If anyone in utah happens across one of these bikes either in person or on the internet that sounds like one of these i would be forever appreciative of the heads up.

    Also, please lock your bikes, even if they are in your garage and make sure you write down your serial numbers!!!

    1) Cannondale Prophet, raw aluminum w/ clear coat and small wizard graphic on top tube (also faded-to-white chiquita banana sticker on top tube), size Medium, black salsa chili pepper grips, lefty carbon SPV fork, gore ride-on cables, shimano disc brakes with one hayes rotor in the rear, Maxxis High Roller Tires, carbon fiber seat post, terry saddle that is falling apart, silver/aluminum kind-of-ghetto-looking 90mm stem (different than in the pic)

    2) Yeti 575, matte black, size large, red salsa chili pepper grips, gore ride on cables, avid brakes, spd pedals

    3) Yeti 575, bright orange with a black goat sticker on frame near steerer tube, and silver rear triangle, carbon fiber handle bars, fox vanilla 32 RL, Fox RP3, Juicy 5 brakes, spd pedals, black specialized saddle with blue stars

    4) Giant Faith, navy/dark blue with neon orange "ANON" sticker, flat pedals

    5) Rocky Mountain Switch, grey with white lettering, black marzocchi 66 fork, DHX 3, Hayes Mag Brakes, RMB Saddle, flat pedals, missing right grip and right shifter when stolen

    pictures attached, they aren't the greatest, but gives you a pretty good idea

    i wish i could offer a reward, but i can't afford it. If you are into skiing at all though, i am a ski photographer and could offer some new skiing eye candy for your walls, if it's any consolation?
  • 10-10-2008
    I don't live in Utah but I am really sorry to hear that. My neighbor recently had his Yeti 303 stolen from his basement. Did this happen in Salt Lake City? My cousin who lives in Salt Lake City said bike theft has gotten really bad in his neighborhood. He was working on his bike in his basement/storage area once and he went upstairs to answer the phone. When he came back down two guys were trying to take his bike off his bike stand. Luckily he got a hammer and threw it at one of the guys and like broke his nose or something. They got scared and ran away. Didn't get caught. Keep your bike in your house locked up. Even if its muddy wash it off and bring it inside.
  • 10-13-2008
    check out ksl.com, and craigslist to see if any of the jackasses are putting it up for sale

    sure hope you find your bikes ill keep my eyes open when im riding

  • 10-13-2008
    may watch craigs list in the surounding states as well, herd a clip on a radio news program where they are trying to unload goods from Ut in Wy and Co (and others), while at the same time dumping the Co and Wy goods here. It is going to be difficult to recover anything without the serial numbers for proof but i will keep my eyes open. sorry about your loss...good luck
  • 10-14-2008
    Holy sh!t, what a robbery! Not to be all paranoid but somebody must have known your garage had those fine bikes. You don't need to offer a reward, somebody getting your bikes back to you would be reward enough. Good luck.