First trip to moab April18-22 Want to join us!-
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    First trip to moab April18-22 Want to join us!

    My brother and I are flying out to Grand junction 0n April 16th, 2005. We are spending a day riding Frutia's horsethief/marys loop. We are driving into Moab on Sunday night, the 17th, staying at the La quinta Inn of Moab. We Will be renting Trek liquids from Poison Spider from Monday the 18th until Friday the 2nd. This is my dream trip. I have been Planning it in my mind for 10 plus years.
    We are first time visiters to moab. We are Cross country riders so big air is not necessary. We are fit and experienced, but not on slickrock/sandstone. New England is Rooty, muddy, hilly and rocky. 24 hour, offroad trithlon and adventure racing is my passion. Since Massachusetts has had 10 feet of snow since November, we have been doing spin classes and gym workouts all winter. The trails and roads are not rideable. I know spin and trainers are not real biking, but we had no choice.
    We are wondering if any locals, or MTBR folks who happen to be in the area that week want to ride or hang out. If so we would love to hook up for a ride or two. We have a car rental for the week so we could also do some driving/ shuttling etc. I know locals must get sick of answering questions and showing visitors where to ride, but if you don't mind company we would love to accept your hospitality. Even if you are there for your first time as well we could learn together. I Have maps compass, Gps trail guides etc. But having someone who knows the trails and hazards will be a lot safer. I am an experienced navigator, but the dessert is new to me. I will probably plan less ambitous rides if I have to self guide, but thats OK. Let me know if anyone is intersted.

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    Sounds like you guys will have a great time. Whenever my friends and I go down to Moab we stay at the La Quinta as well. Nice hotel. Clean. Nothing fancy. Small pool. Nice breakfast.

    From what we have found, most of the bike shops are very helpful as far as trail information goes. I imagine if you are renting, they would be even more helpful.

    Number one thing to remember...water is your friend. When you think you have enough water...bring more if you can. You may not need it, but you may come across someone that does. That has happened to us each time we have been there. Amazing how thankful people are for something as simple as water.

    I would love to meet up with you, but work, school and a six hour drive kinda make it hard. We'll see. I always love to spend a couple of days in Moab...even though you clearly would kick my butt on the trails.

    Make sure you stop by the bike shop in Fuita. I think everyone that works there is a member here. Very cool folks.


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    I going to be out there at the same time. I'm from the snow covered mid-west, and unlike you, I haven't been spinning, or anything to keep in shape. The group that I'm heading down there with hasn't yet decided what the point of this trip is yet. That is, we don't know if it's to drink (imported in from CO, of course) and party like rock stars, or to actually ride. I think we're all waiting until we get there to gauge our fitness levels. We will be hooking up with two other groups when we're out there. So I think about 8-12 people total. Most of us are full suspension, air catching, former XC racers turned "all mountain" riders. So we're capable of going a good clip, but we don't always do it. Not too mention, that with a group this large, there's always a lot of waiting for the stragglers.
    I think most of us that are going down there have been there before. But if you'd like to try and hook up and drink... I mean ride, feel free to PM me.


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    By the way, we have a contingent coming down from the Seattle area and arriving the 23rd.
    If you're still there. Same MO. Long time, "epic XC", like some air now too.

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