First time Moab rider-
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    First time Moab rider

    Headed out west to ride and camp for 2 weeks with the family. Looking for some Suggestions ...
    About me:
    Very fit rider usually riding 3-5 times a week doing 5hr Mtn rides most weekends expert level rider just not hitting gaps over 30'. I love gnar dh and long epic rides. And long walks on th beach, Santa cruz bikes and beer. I ride lots in nc summers when it can be 90-100.... I'm bringing my nomad and v10z.
    That being said we have trees and shade although much higher humidity... Semi-unfortunately We are headed out there at the end of June - first week in July. I am going to ride the bike parks in Colorado for a few days then I have 2 days to ride moab area...

    Best rides? Looking for most difficult dh if possible (not scared to climb for a few hours if needed...although I could Be riding solo so maybe that isn't smart...?
    How long can I ride without loosing it over the heat?
    Best beer spot?
    Minionf front and high roller 2 in the rear? A good choice?
    Got to make it worthwhile so
    I really want to do a killer route?
    Do I need a guide? Or just a friend?

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    Also any suggestions for a good campsite with hookups?

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    Ride TWE ( The Whole Enchilada) the first day, you'll grab a shuttle and be riding with others that shuttle with you so you can probably ask to tag along with some for safety. Short steep climb up to Burro Pass then 7000 feet of downhill. Google it, lots of video etc.
    Second day you may have to face some heat. I'd ride the Mag 7, that maps online also. You'll have to work harder on this but it's well worth it. Carry a lot of water.

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    Moab Valley RV for a camping spot with hookups. Book early though.

    As far as rides. Shuttle TWE, and definitely do Capt Ahab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yboc View Post
    As far as rides. Shuttle TWE, and definitely do Capt Ahab.
    Great advice. Ahab (with climb up Hymasa) can be done in the morning before crazy heat sets. You'll be in the heat before you finish TWE, but you'll be headed down.

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    I like heat (California) but in June I'm off the trails by 11:00 AM. The Whole Enchilada is a great suggestion because you start high in the La Sal Mountains but by the time you get to Porcupine Rim Trail (Porky) it will be toasty with lots of bare rock around. Not much humidity though so much better than NC. Bring electrolytes!!!! I didn't on the Slick Rock Trail once and it was a tough crawl back to the trailhead. Water will suck the salt out of your body in that heat and you will drink a lot of water.

    Magnificent 7 (Mag 7) is another good suggestion that will give you plenty of rock work. You can shuttle to the top and bike into Moab at the end. Since you have a family and need to be responsible for your life you may want to walk part of Portal Trail.

    Not a downhill ride but the Slick Rock Trail is world famous and a very different riding experience. Maybe an evening ride. 10 miles or so.

    There is a new hospital in Moab :-)

    Watering hole is easy, Moab Brewery! Family place. Outdoor recreation ambiance with bikes, etc hanging from the ceiling.

    We rent cabins at Moab Valley Resort. If you are going to tent camp I would use their sister campground in Moab, Canyonlands. Very shaded. Easy for the family to walk to shops. There are good cabins and RV sites there also but it doesn't have the views of Moab Valley. Most of Moab Valley Resort lacks decent shade. The campsites without electricity have large tents over them but not the same as heavy tree shade.

    Near the hospital is a bike park.

    Your family would probably like the Brand Trails north of Moab. Beginner to advanced trails and lots of fun slick rock to bike / play on.

    Lots of videos on YouTube about all these rides including my trail analysis for intermediates series. (Not your riding style but maybe useful for family.)

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    Yep. Those are the two rides you want. The Whole Enchilada and Mag 7 which now includes Gold Bar ST and finish with Portal. Get on them as early as possible so as not to be caught in the 100+ heat at the end.
    I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth...
    Isaiah 58:14

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    Great suggestions thanks

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    Check the moon phase. Moab sunset and nightfall riding in late June/ early July is not to be missed, especially with a favorable (first quarter to full) moon. Another "niche" season.


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