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    Exploring Utah's Paunsaugunt Plateau

    This was the first bike stop on my UT/CO 2012 Tour. I had been wanting to explore the area for some time and finally got the chance. Here is what I found:

    Pink cliffs visible from camp

    A bit of singletrack just a 1/4mi up the road

    Cool rock window

    Looking down towards the valley, camp is just out of sight on the right

    I guess this is Chimney Rock?

    You can see a bit of the reservoir in the background.

    The trail is very little used, and between grade and loose-ness is tough to ride in places. *

    All roads lead to Thunder Mountain

    Views from here on will be more familiar to everyone

    Hoodoos come into view

    I was a bit worried the trail would be wet from recent rains but should not have been, it was dry as can be

    Up to the ridge line

    I tried self timer shots here on last years trip but they did not work out. *The gorillapod makes things so easy! *It also helps my new camera can do a 10 shot burst with the 10 second delay, not just the single shot my old one was capable of.

    The shot I couldn't get right last year. *

    The end comes so soon

    A self timer would have been awesome here but for the shadows

    So, up to this point some are probably thinking, yeah whatever just another Thunder Mtn report. *If you're fortunate, you have maybe explored the other side of Red Canyon on the Losee/Cassidee loop. *But as I was about to find out there is a whole "other world" out there which very few know exists. *But it is right there for the taking, if you have ever seen this sign just before the funnest part of Thunder Mtn near the bottom.

    Grandview Trail, what's that? *Is a question that has bugged me for several years. *I think it was 2009 when we first rode Thunder, and I saw the sign. *Never looked much into it until after last year's trip when I saw it again, and it got me digging. *I asked at the Red Canyon Visitor Center a year ago and they knew little about it, just that it had been built by a former district ranger who was an equestrian and it probably wouldn't be good for bikes, a lot of steep ups and downs they said. *Unfortunately, searching online at the time turned up very little else - one equestrian ride report, one trail runner report, and one endurance bike race report that mentioned going just 20 miles in 20 hours due to massive deadfall. *Not encouraging. *In the weeks leading up to this year's trip I searched again. *I found a newer report from this year's Dixie 211 race which mentioned herculean tree clearing efforts on a nearby trail. *I also found a good map on the USFS site. *Having found no good maps previously, this was enough to give me the confidence to go for it. *An apparent lack of reliable water sources meant I would not bikepack it, but rather ride it in sections. *The first section I would try is the start of the trail, from its intersection with Thunder Mountain, on up to where it meets Road 601 for around 13mi. *On the way to Thunder Mountain I would also check out the Chimney Creek Trail and Kings Creek Trail, near the King Creek Campground and Tropic Reservoir.

    Some gentle climbing to start. *I still had absolutely no idea what to expect from this trail so every rideable part seemed like a huge bonus

    Then some fun scenic descent

    Some contouring on orange dirt

    Some nice views off the plateau to the west

    The trail starts to get rougher, more raw

    After a brief section where it is badly eroded, another where it is hidden completely in slash from forest service burn piles, and another where I lose it in grassy meadows, it becomes nice again (for a short distance)

    More grassy meadow. *Trail is just outside the pic on the right

    It goes through a lot of cow pasture too and can be rough in spots

    The climbing at the end was tough, I did some hike a bike and got a bit lost on some cow trails. *But just look for a trail continuing on from the end of each meadow close to where the map shows it, and you will be fine. *I was pretty stoked with this first section. *While hard to follow in places the trail was actually pretty decent, had some good views, no trees down, and mostly rideable. *All that was left was to climb up over the ridge and then bomb back to camp on 5 mi of dirt road. *

    Looking back from where I had come, the trail traverses below these cliffs then climbs up some canyons to get to Rd 601. *

    Total for the day was 40.7mi, and 5,290ft climbing/descending. *Elev range was 7,300 to 9,100ft.
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    The Plateau is pretty big, something like 10-12mi wide and 30mi long with Bryce Canyon National Park forming its east side. Grandview Trail runs for 78mi all the way around it from Hwy 12 in Red Canyon, eventually ending at dirt roads that will bring you back to Hwy 12 at Cannonville. The plateau is full of dirt roads and ATV trails but also has a number of non-motorized trails that are worth checking out.

    For Day 2 I wanted to check out a longer stretch of Grandview around the southern end. One of the reasons this trail does not get ridden much, aside from the fact no one knows about it, is that it is hard to get to. Any ride on Grandview will require a long dirt road segment or long point to point shuttle to close the loop. This day would be no different, with close to 14mi of meandering dirt road and ATV trail before getting on the singletrack. I re-positioned camp in the morning to put me closer to the trails I wanted to ride.

    All was not lost however, as even the dirt roads are scenic with little traffic. In fact, I saw only one person all day today who was camped off one of these roads.

    Climbing to the ridge line about to get serious

    But the views are worth it

    First miles of the trail were right along the top of the cliffs, similar to Virgin River Rim trail but you are even closer and ride the top for much longer.

    Views seem to get better around every turn

    Singletrack is not bad either. Seemed like every time it went into the trees though, things were about to get steep. It was mostly rideable, but definitely tough in spots. You can see here the bench is wide enough for ATVs, and there seems to be a bit of a double indentation. No evidence of any recent ATV use so I wonder if this was not old ATV trail re-designated to non-motorized use.

    But each climb was worth it as it brought more views

    Looking south, unfortunately the contrast between sunlight and shadows was really messing with the exposure of most of my shots

    Looking back to the ridgeline I just traversed. Right after this shot the trail takes a steep turn downhill on a section that couldn't decide if it was dirt road, singletrack, or heinous rocky singletrack. It drops you right off the plateau and onto rough and sandy road 4062. You are far out there at this point and if anything went seriously wrong here your best option might be to navigate dirt roads down toward Hwy 89 and hitch back to your starting point.

    More water sources appear as you get below tree line. I don't know how reliable these would be through summer. This ride was only 4 days or so post-rain.

    Climbing up to another ridge

    Getting around to the south facing part of the plateau the forest and the terrain changes. You are lower down and more into oak forest, and there is a lot more sand. This section was brutal, totally unrideable. Fortunately it was only 100 yards long, but there were a few other stretches like this.

    Near one cattle tank I startled some deer, close to 20 total in several groups

    Great views open up to the south of the Grand-Staircase Escalante National Monument

    The trail wraps around a few final outcrops before it will finally climb back up to the top of the plateau

    This means its time for me to hit the couple miles of road 087 back to camp. Fortunately this was all downhill, and I was able to make it down just in time without lights

    Another 20.5mi of Grandview in the bank. Despite a few crappy spots todays section was pretty rideable. Only one tree down that I recall, and tread that was in pretty good shape. And some awesome views. The only evidence of use was a single set of recent footprints.

    Stats for the loop: 37.3mi, 4,670ft. Elev 7,400 to 9,230ft.
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    For Day 3 I planned to continue where the prior day left off. I pedalled 2.5mi back up Rd 087 and then dropped down the singletrack off the plateau.

    View before dropping down

    There is a short spur trail to a lookout which I rode over to

    And then it was on. The trail near the end of yesterdays ride was pretty rough with a lot of short washouts at water crossings. This continued today

    The trail was also encroached on more by brush and had a few downed trees, though not many

    Open areas tended to be somewhat sandy. Mostly they were still rideable though there was some death sand like I had seen previously

    The cliffs are not as impressive, but views are still good

    The trail contours for miles along ridgelines and in and out of canyons

    Washed out crossing

    A few of the canyons had some tough climbs out, like this one coming up

    The sections with southern exposure also tended to be overgrown with small oak trees.

    It wasn't fast riding but it was manageable. Soon enough I hit the intersection with Crawford Pass trail, which I've heard has excellent views below pink cliffs.

    I picked this up for luck

    Cliffs appear

    There were a few washed out crossings like on Grandview but those were short HAB's. Otherwise the trail didn't climb or descend a lot

    At the end of Crawford I turned down Rd 092 for a couple miles. It sucked descending on road but was the best way to hit the next section of trail. I ran into a couple kids on ATVs checking out this scene:

    At the bottom the road runs into a gated ranch, just after it is crossed by Grandview Tr. I turned right and headed up Grandview through Pipeline Canyon. It was a pretty raw section and definitely sees more cattle than any other user. It was fairly rideable despite some sand, until I got into the trees. Massive deadfall had been cut out but it was still a tough grind.

    I climbed back up to Crawford Pass Tr which I followed to its crossing of Rd 203. I climbed up some painful switchbacks and then opted for more pain to check out the Pink Cliffs Viewpoint at 9,400. I think it was worth it.

    On the way back down I rode through a stand of trees turning red in addition to yellow. Nice....

    A bit more fire road took me to Mill Creek Trail. I hadn't paid much attention to the map and thought this was ATV trail, but it was non-motorized singletrack, a happy ending to the ride.

    Except for a handful of downed trees. It dumped me back on 087 less than half mile from camp.

    Another 12miles of Grandview.

    Stats for the day: 28.8mi; 4,327 ft gain/loss; elev range 7,460 to 9,400.

    Of the three days so far this was my least favorite. It had the most sand and was the most overgrown. Brush had not really been a problem on Days 1 and 2. It was passable, but I would ride Day 2 again if limited by time.
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    Day 4. I decided to ride the section which remained between what I rode on Days 1 and 2. Short, but I had some fishing I wanted to do afterwards as well as a drive up to Salt Lake City. I drove down to where Grandview meets Rd 601 and did a road ride from there to todays start of the singletrack.

    Visitor appears while getting ready. I also meet a couple runners, one of whom tells me the trail section I'm about to check out is part awesome, part nasty - or did he say non-existant?

    9.5miles of road, ATV track and singletrack will get me back to the top. Lookout

    Singletrack section is nice, things are looking up

    I ride some more nice stuff

    More views, this one from where the main singletrack starts.

    The maps I have are a bit confusing for this area. One shows the trail segment I'm about to ride as the Grandview Trail but its continuation as another trail (Camp Eli to Big Hollow Trail). My other map does not label it, and shows Grandview taking off part way down as another trail. Hmmm.... Regardless, I start down the trail. It starts off with a short fun descent.

    Then it gets ugly. Steep sections down lead to steep sections up (HAB)

    And more HAB. Entire sections pretty much obliterated by cattle. In this area there are sections where multiple cow trails diverge or merge into the trail and its difficult to follow the proper route.

    Finally I get higher to some nicer trail

    Nice, that is, until it drops down again. Then it goes from rough to bad to ugly to almost impassable. This was all HAB down, and tough steep HAB at that.

    After that steep HAB the trail is rideable again, but tough. It is steep with a big rain rut down the middle, and I narrowly avoid a couple yard sales. The rough stuff ends at the creek, where the trail also more or less ends. This is apparently the spot where the trail runner lost the trail - Big Hollow Trail. I see a faint trail crossing the stream and know from the map that the trail parallels the stream just on its north bank. There are several corridors which could be trail but all seem to dead end in deadfall or brush. I simply move among them and continue on, and eventually end up on what appears to be real trail. It is only 1/2 mile from the stream to where the trail makes a hard left, so I keep going. The trail pops into this meadow and promptly disappears again.

    I soon find it contouring the base of the hill to the left, and follow it up and over a pass. Some HAB, but mostly rideable, and then some nice flowing trail for a while.

    More views

    The trail soon dumps me out into a big meadow with a cattle pond that I recognized from day 1, so it is an easy connection up to Rd 601 and back to my truck from there. I drive back down to Tropic Reservoir to check out a water source I had read about.

    I am sure I am not the only one who is thinking what I am thinking, when this comes into view

    Found the Tropic spring, roadside off Rd 087 at the south end of Tropic Reservoir. It is fenced off and signed, you can't miss it.

    Its not really clear which parts of the singletrack I rode are Grandview, so I am going to call the whole section from Rd 106 to Rd 601 Grandview. This was around 7 miles.

    Stats for the day. 16.5mi, 3,605ft gain/loss. Elev range: 7,920 to 9,400. By far the shortest, but probably the hardest day. If you do ride this section I would do it sout to north as I did. Just beware you will be dropping into a deep canyon that you will have to climb out of, and it is much HAB regardless which way you go. I can't say that I would be interested to ride this again unless it was part of a through ride.

    In total, I did roughly 53miles of Grandview Trail over 4 days. There was a ton more fire road to connect each day's lap. A through ride appears very doable though you will have to pay close attention to water sources especially in drier times of the year. I asked the trail runner if he had done the last section of Grandview which I have not gotten to, from Rd 092 to the eastern terminus, 25mi. He said he has done it recently, and it is like much of the other southern exposed sections - sandy, grown over with oak, dry, and hot due to exposure and being at lower elevation. I would like to check this out at some point but it is a painfully long shuttle and there is no reasonable loop option because Bryce Canyon NP (no bikes) blocks any loop opportunity unless you want to ride around 25mi to get back to Tropic Reservoir, maybe 40mi if you need to get back to the south end of Rd 087. Some point I would like to bike pack the whole thing, we'll see....

    While I did not ride the entire trail I am calling this exploration a huge success. The plateau is large and I saw a good part of it (I did a separate day hiking Bryce canyon too). The 25miles I did not get to I am not going to lose any sleep over given its reported condition.
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    Here are some pics from my days of hiking in Bryce and Zion.

    View from Rainbow Point, at south end of Bryce. I hiked down the Under the Rim Trail for a mile or so. No one on it at all once you left the parking lot loop. Quite a few trees down. I could have gotten an overnight backpacking permit easily, but was told the trail is mostly in trees and doesn't have good views.

    Far off view of cliffs on the Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument

    Hoodoos in Bryce Amphitheatre

    I did one of the loop hikes down and in, well worth doing if you are ever there

    Totally different perspective obviously, from being up on the rim looking down

    Trail goes up a narrow passage

    Felt like I was in an Indiana Jones movie through here


    Finished at dusk, perfect timing
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    Some pics from Zion, which was the first day of my trip. Too pretty not to post somewhere!

    My National Park pass was expiring end of the month so I wanted to take advantage and hit a few parks on this trip. Unfortunately, weather was not looking good for Zion. And there was definitely no option to bike in Gooseberry. While waiting for the rain to subside I took a drive in and visited with the guys at OTE in Hurricane. It was Quentin's day off and he was not stoked with the rain. I drove back to Zion to get my hike on, taking the shuttle bus up from the main lot into the park. Running waterfalls soon caught my attention.

    Got off the bus and was soon hiking under one of them

    Waterfall mania

    Stream crossings were not so easy without getting wet

    Some trails were closed due to water, like the one across the stream here. I would not want to get washed over the edge

    Views were awesome.

    It is probably not so often you get to see the rocks shrouded by mist and so much water everywhere. I am now thinking I was here on the perfect day!

    Hiked up to Angel's Landing

    More switchbacks

    View part way up trail to Angel's Landing

    Straight ahead to Angel's Landing

    Looking back north, its a long ways down

    Looking SE

    View looking north

    Looking west. Sun came out up on Angel's Landing which made it all that much better.

    Zion was pretty incredible. It was a Tuesday in Sept and it was raining, and it was still crowded. Can't imagine what it would be like in busier times. There are some back country hikes there that sound pretty incredible. Anyone interested in doing one next year? Should be just an overnighter, combine with some Goose riding should be pretty epic!
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    Great photos and adventure. I am headed that way in a week or so. I lived in Panguitch back in 2002 for a few months. That was like my backyard. Good times.

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    Very nice trip report and great photos. A group of us rode part of Grandview 10 to 12 years ago. One of the guys riding with us did the Trail Cat work on the trail. It was old horse trails that were connected together. When we finished the ride, the Trail Cat guy said, "wow, that really sucked". I recall great views and miles of sand pits.

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    Nice pics, excellent stuff!

    Rode Grandview back in June - pretty epic!

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