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    Enchilada trip

    I'm planning a trip to Utah for next year, and am wondering when is the best time to come? Is it ridable in the spring? And what I should all think of packing. This will be our first mtb trip. And also what air port is closest to it? We are in Minnesota. It's an 19 hour drive but am just curious about the flight. And also how about bringing a bike with you on the plane? How does that work out? Thanks fellas

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    There is a "Moab Trip Planner" sticky up top for you to check out but Salt Lake (236 miles) is the closest "major" airport but commuter flights go into Grand Junction 110 miles away. If you want to bring your own bike, you can box it up and ship it to a shop in Moab. For a fee, they will unpack it and have it ready to go for you when you arrive. The other option is to box it up and carry it as luggage. All the airlines will do this but most charge a minimum of $100 each way. If I was going for at least a week, I'd drive the 19 hours in one shot (obviously swapping drivers every 4-6 hours). I'm used to driving 14 hours to Moab, Durango and Oregon from SoCal so another 5 wouldn't kill me.

    As far as when to go, I'm no Moab expert but if you want to ride The Whole Enchilada (TWE), you usually need to wait until later in the year when all the snow has melted. September and October are usually mentioned as the best times to ride TWE. I've also been there in May on a low snow year it was great riding. As far as what to pack, I'd be prepared for any & all types of weather because you never know. Living in SoCal, I don't personally own "winter riding gear" but always bring a light rain jacket, long sleeve riding shirts and Under Armour' Cold Gear just in case.

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    I'm also from MN and we've made the trip 3 times driving. That way we all bring our own bikes and gear without fear of damage or lost through the airport.
    We've always gone in the spring (April, May, and June) and at none of those times was Burry Pass open due to snow. Burro Pass is officially open for shuttles after July 1st, but by then it's too hot at the lower elevation. All three times we were dropped off at Hazard or Kokopelli. Best time would be Sept, and Oct.
    If you do drive, GC is a great place for a rest stop.

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    We drive from San Jose because it is a lot easier to drive 16 hours than pack all our stuff, two of us, as luggage in an aircraft and then rental car. We have a van. We stop and ride a bit in the Zion - St. George area which is 11 hours into the trip. You can stop in CO for some great riding as well. Of course driving eats days of riding. We go for at least 2 weeks. I was just there riding for a month this past October.

    I met a guy in Moab last October who drives annually to Moab and he found a good place to ride NE of Kansas City so he stops there for the night.

    In normal years don't plan on the upper trails of The Whole Enchilada being open until late June. By then it is 105 degrees plus in Moab. It is much hotter out on the rocks where you will ride. When we ride in the summer we are on the trails at dawn and off by 11 AM. It would be best to wait until Sept but it can be in the low 90's in Moab then.

    My YouTube channel covers Kokopelli down to the highway with a trail analysis for intermediates that may be useful for you. Subscribe there and I'll have more Moab trail videos uploaded this winter from my shoots this fall. I analyze the trails instead of just bombing them. More detail than usual for YouTube vids. My Porky and Moab vids had over 40,000 views until I just moved them to my new channel. They are a several years old but those trails haven't changed. Lots of new trails though!

    While you would miss alpine riding if Burro Pass and Hazard County Trails had snow on them the great rock riding starts at UPS. That is what you go to Moab for and April or May is good for that. Expect some rain days the earlier you go but cooler weather. The weather in March can be great, or very wet.

    Go to Outerbike in October for a 3 day blast on bikes!


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