Easter Epic

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  • 03-06-2010
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    Easter Epic
    Ride most of the trails around Hurricane in 1 day.... Did it last year, doing it again this year... Expect to be out 10+ hours self supported i'm just providing the start time and maybe some post ride beers... Also post ride food at the Panda Buffet

    On Easter Sunday 7:45am start... be at the shop 7am for coffee and to draw yah a map

    Some 2-track, some pavement... singletrack snobs may not care for it however some of the best single track in the area is included

    there are resupplies at little creek gas station and in springdale
  • 03-09-2010
    How about Palm Sunday? Was planning a trip down for some long rides. Although this loop might be too manly for me this time of year.