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    Driving out to Moab from California for some biking! Would love some input.

    A good friend and I are thinking about driving to Moab around December 18th to December 23rd to see what all the fuss is about! We're coming from Northern California and plan to bike for two full days (or three, if we're feeling up for it).

    Do you guys think the weather around this time will even be bearable to ride?

    Secondly, are there particular routes that you guys love to take? We're in pretty good shape and could probably handle 25+ miles a day and plenty of climbing, so don't hold back.

    Anyway, it's always been a goal to drive out to Utah one of these days for some good ol bikepacking, and now that we both have a couple weeks of vacation, we thought now is the time!

    Thanks in advance

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    Good luck. Moab is high elevation and gets awfully cold and even some snow that time of year. But hey, have fun. You are driving right through ST. George btw and it is about 4000 feet lower in elevation than Moab and quite a bit warmer and possibly drier that time of year
    I'm a mountain bike guide in southwest Utah

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    About 8" of new snow this morning in Moab, at least where I am about 5 miles south of downtown. Pretty unusual I think but still, planning a biking trip here in late December would be risky. Most likely you would not be able to ride all of the higher elevation trails. Just my 2 cents, but if I were planning to visit Moab for the first time, it would not be in late December.

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    I agree, just looked at the web cam up near Dead Horse Point (Island in the Sky webcam) and it looks Pretty Bleak right now, snowing, like I wish it were in Northern Utah.

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    Skip Moab in December.
    Go ride Vegas and St George instead.

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    3 of the last 4 years have seen a mid December to late January deep freeze (hopefully the new snow dump this AM doesn't portend a similar fate for this year), with Moab running colder than Denver, or just about anywhere else in the southwest. BUT, even those kind of winters effectively end in February. DON'T plan a big Moab trip in late December. So many other places have vastly superior winter riding conditions (Vegas, St. George, Sedona and of course southern AZ).


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