Coming to the Moab

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  • 12-30-2008
    Coming to the Moab
    My wife and I are planning a trip to the Moab in Sept 09. My wife is new to the mountain biking world, I've been biking for about 10 years now. I would like to find a trail that would please me but also keep her happy as well(very easy). Does anyone have any suggestion on the trails, nice hotel(resort type), and places to eat.

    Thanks for the help

  • 12-30-2008
    New to biking is too little info. But I'd suggest different rides or hooking up with her for part of a ride or doing a couple rides a day. Whenever I ride with the girlfriend, I don't think of it as riding, its more like spending time together outside. She gets to ride and I get to hang out with her. The easy rides are: klondike bluffs, bar m loop, Hurrah pass, arches loop. Can find descriptions at Sovereign Singletrack might be the most fun ride for you that an adept beginner could ride. Why aren't you planning a spring trip?
  • 12-31-2008
    The easiest trail out here right now (IMHO) is the Bar M Trail system, but even those can be tough. I would say get her on the bike alot between now and Sep 09 and then come out ready to go. I would hate to see this be her first real exposure and then get discouraged. Unless she is a very adventuresome person... then your golden. Resort hotels in Moab..... ummm... not really, except for a couple out 128 way outside of town. Places to eat are all over. You won't starve.
  • 12-31-2008
    I'm up in Bountiful but my folks live in Moab and I make it down atleast once a month. Bar M, atleast the basic loop, is wide and easy, I ride it with my 60 year old (albeit more experienced of a rider) mother.

    The nice thing about Bar M is that you can branch off and ride Circle O (not too much as far as cardio, but a couple of steep short ascents) or hit some single track like Bar B (Which ends with some hike a bike).

    My mother also loves Klondike Bluffs, I usually ride Baby steps and meet her on the other side.

    I consider myself an intermediate rider at best, I'm no hot dog and I enjoy these above trails immensely.

    I may get into trouble for linking this site, but check out