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    Burro Pass in Moab - Help?

    My son and I decided to try the Burro Pass->Porcupine->Moab epic on Saturday. We were only partially successful. I thought I'd give some details and ask for help for next time.

    The first thing anyone needs to know is that despite my version of the Moab East TI map saying you can drive to the top of Burro Pass, you can't. You can get within .9 mi of the summit, but it is a killer climb to the top of the pass from there. Just a heads up for those of you on full on DH bikes like I was. You'll be walking.

    There has been a lot of trail work from the South/East side up. Kudos to NFS! They are working on the North/West side now, and we came upon the trail crew and talked to them for awhile. They are cutting in some switchbacks to bypass some really steep areas. These were the ONLY people we saw on the trail.

    OK, so we started down from the pass. Cool! Tight singletrack, some really steep rock sections, a few stream crossings.

    Mistake #1: We came to a ditch and a fork in the trail. One way crossed the ditch and went uphill. Another trail followed the ditch. DO NOT follow the ditch. Cow crap, and many trees intentionally dropped to prevent riding through there.

    After about a mile, we hooked up again with the main trail. A little further on, above Warner lake, we came to a three way intersection. At least one sign was missing. Trail 30 clearly went to Oowah, and was not what we wanted. The trail to the far right went up along the ditch. We had just gotten off the ditch, and decided to take the middle fork. This was mistake #2. The middle fork was another really steep and technical single track. It was obviously a freerider's playground, because there were a few log bridges on the trail, and it was fun. Unfortunately, it dropped us out on the Oowah road about 1.5 miles up from the Loop Road. Crap! We had to ride down the Oowah washboard and then climb on the pavement up to where we would have come out from the Warner Lake Road. That 46lb DH bike was starting to hurt.

    At least we knew where we were.

    We started along the Loop Road, past the Sand Flats intersection, looking for the Kokopelli intersection. It was a lot farther than I remembered and it is not all flat or downhill, baby. Another bunch of climbs. Mistake #3: FS Road 75 is NOT the Kokopelli trail. Half mile down to a gate, I realized we were on the wrong road, half mile climb back out. Dang, that's a heavy bike.

    Finally, we found the Kokopelli turn off. Fun ride down to Sand Flats. By the way, it is SAND Flats for a reason. Soul sucking sand in places. Finally we made it to the Porcupine trailhead. Next time I'm bringing a filter so we can fill up at the stock tanks.

    So, here are the questions:

    I've heard that there have been access problems, and once you get to Warner Lake you now have to take the road all the way down instead of riding the 'Hazard County' singletrack? Is this true?

    If I had followed FS 75, would I have ended up on Sand Flats anyway?

    We went all the way to the Porc Trailhead since my wife was meeting us there, but on the map it shows we could have shortcut off of upper Sand Flats down to the Porcupine trail, and saved 1.5 miles of climbing. Can someone describe how to find this shortcut off of Sand Flats?

    Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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    Hazard was one of the funnest trails I've ridden (besides BC riding). I haven't been back up in the lasals for a couple of years now because I heard there were land issues with it. Not sure though, maybe a local moab shop would know?

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