bikepacking the kokopelli trail week of 5/21, water info needed!-
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    bikepacking the kokopelli trail week of 5/21, water info needed!

    Hello all,

    I'm packing my bags, and getting everything in order to fly out to Utah and ride the Kokapelli from Fruita into Moab on the week of 5/21/18. Does anyone have any current info on availability of water in the regular spots on the route this time of year? Any and all info would be greatly appreciated as I'm riding solo and want to be as prepared as possible. Thanks so much!

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    Six of us rode it in mid-April. It was an extremely low snowpack year for the region, amidst an ongoing 15 year drought, so many seasonal water sources were dry or barely there.

    Here was our experience:
    -The well at Westwater station is shut off due to high counts of coliform bacteria. When we rolled through, the ranger on duty let us fill up from the ranger's drinking water, which they truck in. Don't expect that level of generosity however. You might have to filter from the river there.
    -Buck Springs, just before Dewey Bridge, was DRY.
    -We filtered water out of the Colorado and ended up staying at Dewey Bridge. The Colorado was relatively clear at that time as runoff really hadn't started. I would expect the Colorado to be very silty at this point. Make sure you leave Dewey Bridge well topped-off, as it is a long, hot climb
    -One spot we did not check, but likely had water was Fisher creek in the Cottonwood Canyon. After you descend the Rose Garden Hill and before you start climbing up towards Fisher Valley, you might be able to walk off trail and down to the creek there.
    -Fisher Creek had two water access points. The first was at the head of the Fisher Valley. We rode about a mile past the turnoff at Thompson Canyon Rd to a ranch. We were able to filter water out of an irrigation canal. You're kicking cow patties out of the way to get to the water, so make sure your filter is in working order.
    -There was a trickle of water just behind Hideout Campground. I would not count on this, but it might be there.
    -The next water source was after an ~9 mile climb where you cross Fisher Creek higher upstream. You'll see a horse pen area on the left. Shortly after that Fisher Creek passes under the road and quickly cascades down a waterfall into Fisher Valley.
    -The final water source was about 1.5 mile before Mason Draw CG. After peaking atop Fisher Mesa, the road turns to pavement. It is a fast, paved descent down to the creek. From my understanding, this is a reliable water source. No more water sources until you descend into town.
    Hope your weather is mild. On those long hauls between water sources, we each used 3-6 liters of water, especially on that long hot climb out of Dewey Bridge. Have fun.

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